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[1.Local]: Dumber than a box of nails {WoW}

Jun 27th 2009 8:02PM Heirlooms are pretty good for those people who really only have one toon and can't seem to get their others past the 20s or so. I'm like that, and I know a couple of my guildies are the same way: when you've put so much time and effort into your main, the level and rep grinds for alts seems daunting. But knowing that you can have TWO heirlooms that stack, plus rested XP, is a good motivator to finally put time into an alt and enjoy old-world content again. It's nice for Blizzard to give players some options.

And since we're on the topic of WoW-related rap, I recommend "Hum of Death" and "Your Tanking Sucks" by Zealous1 and Super Dragon X. Their beats are awesome, their songs feature epic turntablism, the lyrics rock and they sound like top-notch underground rappers, not just some kids messing around with Garage Band. It's the perfect soundtrack music for BGs and arena.

Why Blizzard is splitting normal and Heroic modes off on their own {WoW}

Jun 23rd 2009 4:04PM It annoys me to read so many raiders making this complaint, when running the same content over, and over, and over again is raiding's MO.

Chances are, most raiders who consider themselves more-than-casual have spent hundreds of hours already running the same content in Naxxramas, OS and EoE.

And if your guild raids four days a week and has been steadily making progress in Ulduar, by looking at the time Ulduar's been out (more than nine weeks) and the typical raid schedule of most guilds (about three hours a night) most of you will have run that instance a minimum of 104 hours -- the equivalent of about four-and-a-half straight days of playing -- and that's just for one setting of that dungeon. If you've raided both normal and heroic equally, it's possible your total time in that instance is twice that -- more than 200 total hours spent looking at the same textures, fighting the same trash, wiping on and downing the same bosses, trying the same hard modes, and praying that the specific piece of loot you need actually drops.

For comparison, that's the equivalent of more than FOUR ENTIRE WEEKENDS sitting in your computer chair.

After all, without the loot, you would not spend more than 200 hours in that place. The dungeons in classic gaming are awesome too -- everyone loves the classic dungeons of original Zelda, Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy -- but no one in their right mind would say, "Dude, I've spent 200 hours running Level 3 in The Legend of Zelda...I just can't get enough of that place!"

The gaps between content have been longer in the past, so for long-time raiders, it's likely they've spent thousands of hours running the same collection of 15 or so dungeons.

So how can these same people suddenly become so offended at the thought that there will be two more lockout periods for ONE dungeon in the game? It's a drop in the bucket compared to everything else.

Totem Talk: Patch 3.2 PTR {WoW}

Jun 21st 2009 4:34AM "It's less gimmicky: you don't have to cast a heal to get Healing Way to place itself on your healing target to get the increased effectiveness and it's straightforwardly more benefit to your Healing Wave."

Believe me, I don't get any joy from ripping on you, but this sentence sounds like Borat wrote it.

And I've re-read this sentence five times and still don't understand what you're trying to say:

"I have grumping about how 'hard mode' really means 'harder on the healer' to do, but that can wait."

Patch 3.2 changes the tiered Emblem system {WoW}

Jun 18th 2009 6:46PM "People who do not raid DO NOT DESERVE RAID GEAR. It's as simple as that. Especially the 25 man version of raid gear!"

People like you who are only able to enjoy this game by depriving other players of the same content/items you enjoy so that you can feel "special" are in dire need of a psychological evaluation. Tell me what is it that you think you deserve?

I say this as someone who has had the highest tiers of gear in the past and does not begrudge other players for the opportunity to level the playing field and allow them to contribute to a raid.

The bottom line is that people like you are incredibly nervous that the "scrubs" you routinely look down on will now have access to similar gear and might overtake you on the meters. Then everything you've worked so hard for -- your five hours a night following the orders of some alpha-nerd as you battle cartoon monsters -- goes down the drain when you realize you can no longer tie your ego to your in-game purples.

The problem is not that Blizzard is now "giving in" to the "casuals," it's that they ever gave in to mentally stunted people like you.

Patch 3.2 changes the tiered Emblem system {WoW}

Jun 18th 2009 6:34PM "Well, one could say - If you don't plan on raiding, then why the hell do you need iLvL 226 gear? They would be justified in saying that, but if you want to stand around Dal and pretend your Leet then who am I to stop you?

For me personally, this change will help me get back into raiding. I quit the game about 5 months ago, and now I have fallen behind the gear curve. I am an experienced raider from pre-nerf T6 to competitive hard mode kills before I quit, and this gives me the chance to catch up and get myself back into raiding."

You're not "leet" no matter which gear you wear, and if you think you are, you have major self-esteem issues. The difference between a good player and bad player is whether or not they survive the fight and CONTRIBUTE TO THE RAID, and has little to do with the damage or healing meters and the gear that influences those meters.

I also quit raiding for several months and mostly just mess around with PvP a couple hours a week, but I still get tells from people all the time asking me to join their runs. Why do they ask me, if I am still in pre-Ulduar gear and everyone I used to out-DPS can now out-DPS me? Because they know if they do Sarth 3D, I will still be standing at the end of the fight. They know 99% of the time I'll go through every boss fight in an instance and be among those still standing and contributing to the raid. They know I can be relied upon to do interrupts, to lead the melee positioning, to run to overcharged adds quickly, etc. None of that has a damn thing to do with my gear.

The great downfall of this game is fools like you who think you have to deprive other people of the same content and items you get, because otherwise you would not feel "special." People like you need a psychological evaluation, and Blizzard needs to stop catering to you.

Blizzard discusses the state of PvP {WoW}

Jun 16th 2009 9:21PM Ah, yes. It's akin to the NBA declaring that, from now on, only the Lakers and Boston Celtics will be permitted to have players taller than 6'6" on their roster. In addition, while players on those two teams will have custom Nikes, the rest of the league will be forced to wear old-school canvas Converse All-Stars while on the court.

Additionally, the Lakers and Celtics will be awarded three points for each field goal and four points for each three-pointer, but the rest of the league will be awarded one point per basket, regardless of where the shot was taken from.

WoW arena is the only game I know where the game creates a ghetto populated by lesser-ranked players, and rewards the top players with gear so much better than everyone else's that it becomes impossible for the "scrubs" to dig themselves out of the hole -- that is, it is impossible for an equally-skilled lower team to beat the higher-ranked team, simply because the numbers (the gear gap) do not add up. Supping even the RNG worked out in favor of the lesser-geared team, it's almost never enough to make up for the hundreds of hit points, AP, SP, etc, that gear affords the higher-ranked players.

Or as I like to say, it's like coming into a an artillery fight with a boxcutter. Good luck!

Blizzard discusses the state of PvP {WoW}

Jun 16th 2009 9:09PM They act like someone else is responsible for the emphasis being on arena and not BGs, when there are two full tiers between the crap you can get from an inhuman amount of honor grinding, and the stuff available from arena.

At the very least, make lower-tier PvP weapons available at lower ratings (say, 1500) so we don't have to run into teams rocking Furious Weapons in the 1400s and 1500s. How they manage to get there, I don't know.

And the thing is, there have been thousands of good suggestions on the forums about how to fix certain issues, class-related and in general. I'm not talking about the off-the-wall stuff or gratuitous QQ -- I'm talking about those players who provide math and reasoning in polite and well-written posts and go ignored in favor of quick and easy "fixes" that never really address the problem.

"Shamans, unfortunately, have yet to enjoy their time in the limelight."

After three seasons of misery as Enhancement, I went Resto, and it's still difficult finding partners even with 900 resilience. All the "pro" nerd-ragers are busy with their own FotM combos, and since I am not a prick who screams at strangers over vent, I'm left with the tons of DKs rocking blues and Titansteel weapons to pick from. Nice.

Still waiting for GC to tell us when the dev team will fix totem stomping's been months since he's said he "doesn't like it" but nothing's happened. Perhaps after the 1,297th tweak to Death Knights?

The Colosseum: Retrospective, Spring 2009 {WoW}

Jun 13th 2009 7:15PM lol..."a shaman."

We're going on three years now where two specs are terrible in arena, and our third (Resto) is second-rate compared to the other healers in the game.

I'm in the 1700s right now as Resto and, despite Blizzard saying they "don't like" rampant totem-stomping and the automated totem-stomping macros, when you get to the higher brackets the pet classes aren't stupid -- they stomp totems as soon as they drop.

In the lower brackets you will run into a lot of teams that don't bother with taking out totems, but there's no such luxury against better teams. Thank God we at least have Stoneclaw, so we can get most ticks of Mana Tide before it's destroyed.

Popular scams and how to avoid them {WoW}

Jun 13th 2009 5:08AM I recommend all WoW players regularly scan their computers with HijackThis and SuperAntiSpyware, and to have an anti-virus active and UP TO DATE.

AVG, Avira and Avast all offer free versions of their anti-virus software for home users (hopefully you don't play WoW from work) and although many anti-malware programs are excellent for finding and digging out the trojans and rootkits sometimes missed by anti-virus programs, you most definitely still need a solid anti-virus. A lot of people think you don't need an anti-virus anymore, and that's simply not true.

And I know all of us hate nag screens, and oftentimes we X them out in our rush to get logged on and playing, but please guys, take that extra couple of minutes to download your anti-virus and OS updates and reboot because it could save you both time and headaches later on.

Use HijackThis to get a list of processes, services, BHOs and other items that are running in the background on your computer, and use the program's official site to compare your running processes against the ratings composed by the community there. All you have to do is cut from the log file and paste it at the official site to analyze what's running. This is an excellent way to alert yourself to something wrong with your machine -- not all malware will announce itself with pop-ups and redirects. The ones that don't are the really scary ones, because those are the ones waiting for you to put in your WoW account information, or your credit card.

And it's not enough to just browse Task Manager every once in a while -- it can be spoofed, and many trojans nowadays will hide themselves in Task Manager or use the names of legitimate services. Along with regular scans with HijackThis and your anti-malware programs, you can go to the command prompt and type "tasklist /m" to get a list of the running processes on your computer AND all the dll files associated with them. This makes it much easier to spot a piece of malware posing as another instance of svchost.exe, for instance.

You don't have to be a PC technician or expert to take these steps -- all you have to do is take a spare hour or two to read up on these programs and system security, and by doing that you can save yourself, your guild, Blizzard support and your computer repair guy a lot of time and frustration by avoiding serious infection, or spotting it early.

(Well ok, maybe your computer repair guy won't be upset...but do you really want to pay him $200 to get rid of a ridiculously nasty version of Vundo? Or worse, be forced to bring it to the Geek Squad? They make your local PC handyman look like a bargain basement deal...)

The curious case of Ferarro {WoW}

Jun 1st 2009 3:41AM Kylenne - Here's what I wrote:

"It's been my experience that the majority of female gamers try to remain ambiguous about their gender, for the simple reason that they'd rather not be bothered or singled out, but WoW is almost an exception to that rule by the very nature of the game."

And I think that's true, for the most part. There are great female players and terrible female players, and it's almost a guarantee that the bad players are the ones who tee-hee their way through the game and use their gender to their advantage. We, as guys, are most definitely not complaining about YOU, the good kind of player who wants to be known only for your skill and dedication. We're just knocking the idiots, and we all know there are supreme idiots of both genders.

I understand completely why some women remain ambiguous or even actively hide their gender so guys'll leave them alone. My sister used to play an RTS with me, and it wasn't long before she changed her handle from something non-sexual but definitely female, to something ambiguous, so guys would stop pestering her. Some of the tells she's gotten have been enormously f---ed up. Unfortunately that's the way some fools behave on the internet.

"My first reaction to this story, after "lol internet", was "Jesus, 'lady', way to set us back." Which is probably unfair, but that's the truth. What annoys me about this Ferraro kerfluffle the most is the usual suspects will point to it as proof of their various effed up ideas about women gamers."

I don't think you have to worry about that, because at this point almost everyone's convinced that Ferraro's a guy. Makes sense, too -- a male blogger might not draw a large audience even if he's a gifted writer, but an attractive female blogger most definitely will, especially when it comes to video games. Ferraro knew that and reaped the benefits, right up until he got caught. The "OMG I have a stalker" was a reflexive response to the warning signs that he was about to be caught, and the ridiculous story about the multiple Ferraros ("Some of them were female AND attractive, I swear!") is an attempt to still claim that authenticity as a female gamer. Notice the "current Ferraro" is pretty quick to insist he is indeed a woman, and even claims he's seen the "original Ferraro":

"The original Ferraro is actually very attractive though, so maybe she just chose it to... hide behind... while still... being... pretty? I don't know. I'm just assuming. But the first Ferraro had a problem with stalkers. *shrug* "

That makes absolutely no f---ing sense whatsoever, and again he brings in the stalker element to try to legitimize himself. We're supposed to think, "Oh, of course! If she had a stalker, it's perfectly reasonable for her to post a fake photo of a DIFFERENT attractive woman and eventually hand the blog over to another female Ferraro!" Problem is, that's not the kind of behavior consistent with a woman who wants to avoid undue attention from obsessed and potentially stalker-ish guys.