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New Icecrown expansion concludes WoW TCG's Scourgewar arc {WoW}

Sep 27th 2010 4:08PM Not a second cooldown though.

"Shares hearthstone cooldown (30 min.) effectively replacing hearthstone."

Inside view of the iPhone Tech Talks from Daniel Jalkut {}

Dec 4th 2009 7:18PM After each of these tech talk tours Apple puts recorded videos of the sessions online for free download. (You may need to be a paid iPhone developer, not sure)

But the last tour and a set of tech talks are on ADC on iTunes now. This tour was more advanced topics than usual though.

I read reviews from the Tech Talks in other cities and someone did mention that Apple would be putting up videos for this tour as well. So keep a look out for them.

It looks like the last tour took place around the same time as this one except in 2008 and the videos came out in March 2009. Hopefully the videos for this tour will come out sooner.