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Blizzard warns against buying gold {WoW}

Oct 21st 2009 4:28PM Blizzard should really place a Guardian at the "gates" of each beginner zones, and insta-kill anyone below level 4 that passes them as well as exile levels 1-4 from the capital cities. It won't take long for someone to level a legitimate Bank Alt to 5...and while this measure won't entirely stop the Spammers/Sellers, it will be another hinderance to them.

Blizzard warns against buying gold {WoW}

Oct 21st 2009 4:26PM Then consider yourself lucky. My Hunter is blacklisted from the Top 5 Guilds on my server (Kirin Tor-US) cause back during Vanilla WoW, I made a post on the Realm Forum blasting Gold Buyers.

The general attitude among the top guilds on Kirin Tor has always been one of support for the Gold Sellers/Buyers.

Ulduar nerfs and Blizzard's new raid philosophy {WoW}

May 2nd 2009 8:24PM This is more directed towards issachan comment.

The days of "Uber Guilds", raiding exclusive content are over. Such thinking as you demonstrated best belongs on Vanguard, old Everquest 1, and the diehards who yearn for the days of 100 people in a 12 hour fight on a dragon that gives only *1* item of loot all while enduring de-leveling deaths and a 24 hour corpse vanish threat.

WoW is clearly evolving, and you need to stop being a relic of a past, of a "glory day" that was glorious only to a select few..and embrace what WoW is becoming. Blizzard sure is not going to change the game to bring that back.

40 mans are now the Dodo.

Martin Fury: What would you have done? {WoW}

May 1st 2009 7:38PM ..Depends..can the item kill those of the same faction? If so I'd raze Goldshire to the ground. Course thats only cause I am on an RP Server, and Goldshire (On Kirin Tor) is the home to cyber sluts, kids who watched way too much Twilight, and gay Night Elves willing to stick anything up their bum for a copper. So yeah..I'd totally level Goldshire, slaughter every one and thing in it, burn the place to the ground and become a hero.

Bombrik, Grand Hero of the ring of that.


While Karatechop and crew ARE responsible..they have only half the blame. Blizzard has the other half as well, as they DID give the guy the item. Due to Blizzard's secrecy, which rivals Soviet KGB, I doubt we will ever find out if this was an accident or done on purpose. Would be nice for Blizzard to be open and honest with us, but seems they are taking the "Ban everyone and sweep the matter under the rug" approach.


If this was given on purpose, then Marvel Family is entitled to use all 100 charges of this item however they frakking well please. If it was an accident..then give them some proper compensation. This is Blizzard's fault in the area that this event unfolded only due to crappy customer service. If they had only restored the account, then none of this would of happened.

I refuse to beleive that Blizzard is so badly designed that they don't have some backlog of information, or a way to keep a database of items as to restore a character at any point, at any time. If it's an issue of manpower, not data storage..then HIRE MORE PEOPLE! Or better yet..start hiring people as In-Game Sub-GMs. Give them limited authority, rules, oversight and pay them in Game Gold or some special "Blizzard Tokens", that you can use to purchase items. Tokens given only on completion of a game issue and a satisfactory in-game customer service review.


"WoW is a game. There is no right or wrong, nor is there a system of ethics. Its all pixels and numbers in a database." is a game. Does that mean I can run past and break Tony Parker's kneecaps just so I can stop him from getting a 3 pointer?

It's not "a game", it is corporate territory just the same as a trading post or some office building. However cause it exists in a virtual domain, the laws of the corporation are really all that matters. It being a game is not an excuse to treat people like crap.

If you justify mistreatment of others, or throwing your own moral compass out the window just cause something is a "game", then you are the problem..not the solution.

Breakfast Topic: If you could add game mechanic to WoW what would it be {WoW}

Apr 28th 2009 1:23PM Player Housing...while Ultima Online had a large amount of real estate for this, show me where the land is to support 50 Homes. And you know there will be more than 50 people buying homes. No zone is or was designed with a wide area of land for the only alternative for player housing are Instances..lots and lots of instances. OR..release an entire expansion with continents/landmasses DEVOTED to Housing. Maybe Gilneas is ripe for repopulation? They'd have to make 3-4 types of homes..

1: Apartment-style (Something inside of an Inn, with low-cost homes, but basiclly a single room)

2: Low-Cost (Small, like the home near the Crystal Lake in Elwynn just with the second story removed)

3: Medium-Cost ( Second story added, more rooms, more storage areas, more display areas)

4: High-Cost (Nice, big home. Maybe share with other people. Have a trough out front to display 5 of your non-use Mounts)

But as it stands, Azeroth lacks the clear open land for this.

Breakfast Topic: If you could add game mechanic to WoW what would it be {WoW}

Apr 28th 2009 1:15PM Player Ratings is an idea ripe for abuse. Example..say you get to Darkshire as you hear Local Defense alerts, and see some 75 Tauren slaughtering the place. You kill him, the Tauren jumps on his Alliance Main who is in a huge, top-rated on the server, raiding guild, and gets the entire guild to flood your rating with 100 Negative "Marks". You know this is likely, and going to happen as every server..PVP, RP and Normal..have many Corrupt High-End Guilds.

Last Names needs to be purchased, much like Dual-Spec. 1,000 G to give yourself a last name of your own design. This should avoid the Legolaassss Pwnsjoo.

Long "Traitor" quests are nice but..Blizzard doesn't have the cajones to do it. Look at Death Knights..supposedly an elite hero class, obtained after a long level 80 epic-quest chain..but Blizzard backed down, showed they have no backbone and gave Death Knights out to anyone who can hit level 55..which is very easy.

Player Housing needs to be priced high..and I mean high..25,000 for starters. Problem is, this will cause a surge of gold purchases so Blizz needs to (But won't) monitor/background check ALL accounts who buy homes to see if the gold was obtained legally. If Blizzard was sneaky enough..Player Housing would be the ultimate mousetrap for Gold Buyers.

Problem is Blizzard thinks, to blinding levels, that all their players are polite..well behaved..willing to share egg parents who think their child is a little angel, even when he smashes up a nearby vase with a malicious smirk on his face.

Sometimes I wonder if Blizzard actually PLAYS the game outside of their own internal-servers.

Varian Wrynn is Right {WoW}

Apr 26th 2009 5:38PM I like this article very much, it reads pretty much as an indictment against the Horde for their crimes. The arguement that the New Horde cannot be held accountable for the crimes of the Old Horde is as flawed as someone making the arguement that the Post-Civil War United States cannot be held accountable for the slavery crimes commited by the Pre-Civil War United States.

I will state however, that if the Horde were to be put on "trial" for their crimes that the Tauren should be exempted from this. Bloodhoof's allegiance to Thrall and the Horde seems to be one of obligation and thanks, as opposed to true support of any political views. The Forsaken, Blood Elves, Trolls and Orcs however are still accountable and liable for their past and present deeds.

Thrall comes off as a limp-wristed ruler, someone trying very hard to appease the "Old School" Horde who still cry out for the days of glorious war, and still see the Alliance as a foe that they still want to eradicate..which is what the Horde's MO was during war. With the Draenai they attempted genocide, and they did with the Dwarves, Humans and High Elves as well. If the Sunwell never fell, then the Blood Elves would never of occured and never of joined the Horde. In fact they would of joined the Alliance, more out of hatred for the Horde.

I'd love to see someone write a similar, itemized "indictment" of any crimes they feel the Alliance has committed. If some neutral force was to appear and judge which side was more worthy, laying out any crimes and deeds to be judged, defended and accused of, I feel the Alliance would come out in a far better stance than the Horde.

While Putress may of carried out the Wrathgate attack, Sylvanas DID give the initial greenlight to the project with the same intent he had. Just later, she had second thoughts and backed out but that doesn't make her innocent. She didn't carry out the murder, but she can still be accused of conspiracy and intent.

Is Varian Wrynn morally right in his actions? No..he isn't taking the higher road, however he IS emotionally justified in his attitude. Also it's high time the Alliance had a uniting leader, as galvanizing as Thrall. Before Wrynn got himself out of Alcaz Island, there was no real power to be found in the Alliance leadership. The Gnomes had to rule from a small section of Ironforge, the Dwarven King was more concerned about his daughter's love of Dark Irons, the Night Elf leadership was unclear between Tyrandi and Whats-His-Grouchy-Face. And that leaves us with the humans. (Excluding Draenai, cause their leader is more a "Pope" than a military or political leader. He represents the "Vatican" for the Alliance). The Humans had Bolvar, a young Prince, and Onyxia. Onyxia..with all her schemes..powerplays..and manipulations..was clearly the Queen of the Alliance and a more active force than Bolvar who pretty much kept an isolated, internal focus. I am just sad to see that Onyxia was not given her full time as a villain. Her manipulations and schemes could of filled out an entire expansion.

Jaina? Rank-wise, she is more a Governor/Regent than a Queen. She rules a section of human territory, one single port-town, and that's about it. While she is the best one to be an Ambassador, and she is representative of an Alliance-version of Thrall's views..she is as equally limp-wristed as Thrall is. If you want to even out Varian..then wed him to Jaina. She would be the perfect Michelle Obama to Varian's John McCain.

Varian has a grudge, he is justified however in this grudge. The Horde, Old and New, have not made proper amends to make up for their past crimes. If the Horde were held on trial, and convicted, then the proper punishment/proper peace treaty would be for the Horde to cede Undercity/Northern Lorderan area (East and west to the seas, south to the dwarven lands, and north up to but not past the Quel`thalas border) to the Alliance. The entire Eastern Kingdoms continent (except the Elven lands) should be under Alliance control. Kalimdor is best a region handled between the Night Elves and Tauren. The Trolls have their own uncontested islands and they can return to it. The Tauren have their rightful lands, as do the Night Elves. The Orcs however..are a foreign force, an invasion Army left stranded.

As long as Wrynn's second home of Lorderaen (Undercity) remains in Horde hands..he is justified in his desire for revenge and just one incident away from an outright decleration of war.

Ask a Beta Tester: More mounts, raid gear, and emotes {WoW}

Sep 29th 2008 1:49PM A question for the best Ask a Beta Tester segment -

Regarding Barbershops, I was told there are only three chairs that can be used and everyone else must wait in line. Are there any mechanics in place to prevent griefing cause I am very sure on my server of Kirin Tor, that you'll have people taking the chairs, then going AFK for the next 3 hours to insure that no one else can use the barbershop.