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Arcane Brilliance: Level 80 mage gearing roadmap, part 1 {WoW}

May 20th 2010 5:20PM Re: GearScore

My DK with 4792 GS has consistently done 7k dps in ICC10. That little color-coded number lacks some relevance when my toon technically shouldn't even have gotten into that raid.

My ret pally did about the same and had 4800+ GS.

As others have said, that color and number may matter some, but not as much as some might think. And it's not a cure for stupid.

Account Administration encouraged not to restore hacked characters {WoW}

Jan 8th 2010 1:17PM I'm just going to tell them to keep the package. If they don't restore my character post-hack (God forbid it ever happen), they're losing my $15 a month. I know it's a problem. I know they're overworked. But this quick-fix isn't going to get me to come back after losing almost 2+ years of effort put into my characters.

What they should do is provide a discount on authenticators for accounts that haven't been hacked in an effort to encourage more people to secure their holdings. It'd also lighten the workload for Blizzard, and then this care package nonsense would be irrelevant.

Blizzard: Run Oculus, win fabulous prizes {WoW}

Jan 6th 2010 1:25AM I am somewhat convinced that this dungeon is far from randomly selected. It has been my daily random five times in the past two weeks (and sometimes for my alts).

Is gear score a factor in determining random dungeon selection? If so, I'll chain run heroics for a week straight just to avoid this place. I don't care how much of a carrot blizz puts on the end of this stick. In the end, they still hit you with it because of noobs who don't know what they're doing.

And the folks who drop when they see it don't make it much better for others who queue and get thrown in there to fill the void (no pun intended).

At least with a good group you're in and out in 20 minutes. Still, I think they're force-feeding this instance to us more than usual. Anyone else feel the same way?

The Queue: VenezuelanDude {WoW}

Nov 30th 2009 9:21PM Hugo Chavez is why we can't have nice things.

Chill of the Throne: Dodge nerfed 20% in Icecrown Citadel {WoW}

Oct 29th 2009 5:28PM DKs really got hosed by this, but Druids got it worse.

Still, it's almost like Bliz wants the tanks that can use shields to tank at this rate. I'm just going to build a dps set on my DK at this point. Screw tanking.

Arcane Brilliance: The changing face of Frost {WoW}

Oct 24th 2009 8:23PM Worth trying, but I still think Arcane will have the edge in PvE.

Definitely an interesting thing they're doing, especially when GC said they had no intentions of making Frost PvE viable. That it was THE PvP tree.

At least they made Deep Freeze viable in PvE again. Kudos for that. It should have been that way all along.

Patch 3.3 PTR: Area-of-effect damage cap change {WoW}

Oct 9th 2009 2:07PM Great, now they don't like the fact that when we out-gear content we like to chain pull and AoE everything down.

If we're uber enough to do that, let us do that. When harder content comes out later, we won't be able to as soon.

Let's face it. Chain-pulling is fun. This kind of ruins it.

The Queue: Questions, comments, complaints... {WoW}

Sep 16th 2009 4:31PM Faction Champions needs a nerf of some kind.

Only four guilds Horde-side on my server have defeated them (on normal). My guild managed to do it after working out some of the kinks.

But this is one of those fights that really does not belong in a raid environment. Players like me do raids to get away from having to do things in a pvp mentality or environment.

Forcing us into this is rather stupid and I hope Blizzard never designs another fight like this again.

Some may argue that this makes the average raider think for himself instead of letting DBM hold his hand, but I argue otherwise. It doesn't feel like a raid encounter. It feels like a rather maliciously-designed gimmick. Whatever dev had the idea for this should go back to designing battlegrounds and arenas and leave our raids alone!

Enter to win a Creative World of Warcraft wireless headset {WoW}

Sep 16th 2009 4:25PM A horde headset belongs in the hand of this Blood Elf Mage.

Pick me! Pick me!

We Have a Tabard: It's not cheating if... {WoW}

Sep 5th 2009 9:45PM Don't forget that thanks to the Tribute system on heroic ToC10/25 it will save your group to the instance after a boss attempt regardless of if you are successful or not.

So if you're pugging it, make sure you're not getting yourself saved to a fail group.