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Profanity filters, homophobic slurs, and Blizzard's shaky relationship with the LGBT community {WoW}

Jan 27th 2012 2:41AM Wow. That's just... no. Have you read the first chapter of Romans at all? The particular version matters little when the act is described. Any version of Romans 1:26-27 . (And no, it isn't about shrine prostitutes in the area, he started from the beginning of God's relationship with men since creation and showed the course of human events. To pinpoint it on just shrine prostitutes in the area is just incorrect.)

But that doesn't matter, you've thrown all of Paul's "outdated" material out the window anyway, (while you chop up meanings in the OT at the same time). I guess Jesus coming to fulfill the law means very little, and while "everything is permissible and not everything is beneficial" some things are still considered vices and the first church leaders, (chosen by this Jesus), do outline some things and clarify what Christians should and should not be doing among themselves and non believers to separate themselves from the world and keep themselves holy and blameless.

Either way, any instance of homosexuality in the bible is referred to as an active role, not a passive one. It is the act of sex with the same sex that is a sin, not being born or coming out of puberty predisposed to your own sex. All sin after Christ is something that happens when you make a choice. Homosexuality as it is defined today is not a sin, and neither is heterosexuality. It's the actual act of sex with something or someone you're not allowed to have sex with. (Think: Israelites can't eat pork, that lady isn't your wife, so on.)

But here's the thing- if you aren't a Christian and don't want to be then don't worry about it. We SHOULD leave you alone, help your community if you ask, and not attack those who chose to live in the world. We should love everyone regardless of who they are or where they come from. The only time when an issue would come up is if someone within the church continued to have sex with his own sex, or grew up in the church and was discovered. Those within the church are under the new law, and they must give up many worldly things. Those outside of it are not and can do as they see fit. God has "given you over to your desires", and so should we. (This is also why I think we shouldn't vote, but that's another barrel of monkeys.) We should be peaceful monks among the world, but holy warriors among our own, not the other way around.

That's how it should be anyway. I do apologize to any LGBT folks that have been hurt by any member of the church. We have not been good to you. We must do better.

And while the KJV is extremely flawed there are plenty of versions that are not, (and I own quite a few). They do not agree with your claims, and while I am tolerant of many things I will not have you pick and choose what is or is not actually in there. While much IS up for debate this is not one of those things.

Profanity filters, homophobic slurs, and Blizzard's shaky relationship with the LGBT community {WoW}

Jan 27th 2012 1:51AM @Agony

Abnormal: "deviating from the normal or average : unusual, exceptional " Merriam-Webster

Some definitions, like the default Google one, say it is often negative, but a good chunk of them don't. Let's not argue semantics on yet another word in this thread, especially on one that actually IS debatable.

Not being "normal", whatever that is, is not a bad thing unless you personally make it so. I personally think normal, like good art, is in the eye of the beholder.

The OverAchiever: The worst (maybe) holiday achievements {WoW}

Jan 27th 2012 12:48AM That torch tossing/catching one is pretty annoying if you have a bad computer or you can' t find a quiet spot to toss.

Blue Posts and Other WoW News: New Fan Art {WoW}

Dec 15th 2011 7:50PM Am I the only one bothered by the level of the art? I mean, I'm all for amazing fan art, but I also like when there are a few peppered in there that look a little less professional.

5 things WoW could learn from Star Wars: The Old Republic {WoW}

Dec 13th 2011 4:38PM I think he means that SW shouldn't get credit for the innovation. And it shouldn't.

5 things WoW could learn from Star Wars: The Old Republic {WoW}

Dec 13th 2011 4:36PM There are no real races in SW, all of the player models are the same exact base with different features, some really really lazy. They all stand exactly the same, move exactly the same, you can get the same looking red guy as a green guy. The "race" option is a joke. I'd rather have more limited customization options and more actual races. Why can't I play a droid? Why not a more alien looking race that is less humanoid? They had enough money to throw at this project.

I didn't like that my characters didn't always say what I thought they would in dialog options. I often thought I was saying something nice but would end up saying something snarky, or something like that, because the choices you picked from were not exact. Though I didn't find the over all story more interesting than WoWs I did find the little things faaaar more interesting in SW. I just kept getting tripped up on little things that irked me that would pull me out of the conversations.

This game's interface and UI/Graphic design is waaaaay to similar to WoWs for me to be comfortable, though it does have some improvements and a few "whyyyy did you do thats?" I really wish they had taken a few more design risks. I left WoW, I don't want shell out more money for exactly the same thing in a different paint job and some extra features.

Drama Mamas: Legendary drama {WoW}

Dec 12th 2011 9:15PM It's a game. If the staff is more important than your guild then leave your guild and find others who will help you. Though consider first why you are angry, and what you are willing to give up to get what you want.

Is the staff more important than you guild? Or is it that the guild doesn't want to help you finish your staff and that spikes your hair? When MoP comes around and the staff is useless will you be okay away from your old guild holding your pretty/useless pixels? Are you in so deep that you need to take a step back and reevaluate your desires?

If you think your guild is really and truly being a bunch of dbags then leave. You will not be happy, they will not be happy, if you stay. If you come to understand that they can't move nights for some reason and that the legendary isn't no. 1 on their to-do-list for reasons that are not meant to slight you and you still want the legendary, then it's okay to leave also. Just don't rage quit over what isn't even a real slight against you.

The Queue: Hogwarts this ain't {WoW}

Dec 8th 2011 8:03PM I hate this comment system.

The Queue: Hogwarts this ain't {WoW}

Dec 8th 2011 8:02PM I was trying to be less obvious and have it look like Winston.

The Queue: Hogwarts this ain't {WoW}

Dec 8th 2011 5:05PM I think we're part of a special ops force that's generally regarded as essential to the plot but no one is important enough to point out by name.

In the future no one will know by name the individual tales of "Retbull" or "Ducklips".