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The Soapbox: Episode II - A New Hype {Massively}

Oct 19th 2010 4:18PM Your comment about the 4th pillar that BioWare talks about, I disagree with. Story I find is something not every MMO cares enough about, and having unscripted gameplay can really diminish story telling aspects. As on avid RPer I am so glad to have some scripted events, because, in all honesty, RPing about random stuff and trying to play the game like a normal person is lame. I'd rather have a set of experiences that I can react to, like having a DM there with me, giving me certain story elements that are linear to a point, but my choices and reactions are my own. Do gamers in general like story--I'd say no. Do Star Wars fans and BioWare fans and RPG fans in general like story--absolutely, and at the end of the day, these guys will be the loyal subs that enable TOR to go big.

Model changes for Varimathras and Alexstrasza {WoW}

Oct 1st 2008 4:05PM Wish they could've done a little bit more that just using a BE for Alex, but still looks bad ass nonetheless.

Only problem I have is with Varimathras, WTF is up with those sideburns man. Don't think I've every seen a demon wear sideburns. Please Blizz, make Big V not look so much like he's from the White-trash Legion instead of the Buring Legion.

Ask a Lore Nerd: Cenarius, C'Thun, and the Titans {WoW}

Sep 28th 2008 10:52PM Well, imho, Cenarius was in the right. I can't excuse anything the orcs did too much just because of the fact that they were messing with the trees (I'm a nelf dr00d, so I may be a bit biased). The orcs pretty much did the equivalent of /pooping on someones lawn. If I'm the badass demi-god Cenarius, imma bout to kick some ass. Though Daelin was acting like a complete nut a few posts up, he is a right on one point. There may be the need of retcon for WC:3 RoC, because Cenarius address the orcs as 'demon-spawned wretches' and further references the War of the Ancients with "I have defeated you kind in ages past, and shall do so again!" So....basically the d-bag has a bit of a point.