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Shifting Perspectives: A brief taste of Bear Tanking in 3.0 {WoW}

Sep 30th 2008 5:56PM I am worried with feral druid versatility, since there is no intellect in the new "feral" gear.

I understand the the need to shift is greatly reduced, but still, also, for pvp, we won't really have enough mana to really be that versatile anymore.

For instance, battle rezzing someone mid fight will be unlikely to happen, since we might not have the mana to go back to bear or cat, specially if by some odd reason, you innervated another person a few seconds back... and knowing that you can only use one potion per combat now...

Not to mention that all other melee hybrids get pure spellpower from stamina, or from attack power, and feral druids are left with the short end of the stick with a gimped healing only/spellpower from nurturing instincts.

Which, honestly, is almost useless now, since you barely have the mana pool to even heal yourself to full at level 80 anymore...

The changes are quite interesting, don't get me wrong... I can't wait to see what ferals will be able to do in PvE, but I already know that for PvP, they will still be weaker than they should be.

After all, at this moment, feral druids can be very strong in the hands of skilled players, but that is only because they can cyclone, shift back, shift to bear or cat when needed, and back, and still heal themselves a little bit, or just enough to survive and win.