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Introducing WoW Insider's Guild of the Month contest {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2009 7:16PM I'd like to put up a guild that is not mine

Order of the Raven on Aggramar-US

they ran a lottery where anyone could join and they would run them through Sarth 3D, down the boss and give the drake to the winner.
And yes, entry is free... They enjoyed the experience and from what I understood they plan on doing this every month?
The winner would be picked by a /roll 1-(number of contestants)
every contestant got a number by order of sign up. Winner gets to go with them, earn drake and title (if he/she doesn't have it)
They are the #1 guild of our server.

World of Warcraft, as seen on television {WoW}

Jan 26th 2009 9:20PM Season 3 of "how I met your mother" had an episode where the main guy (Ted), met a girl in WoW
She was a Drainei Pally and he was a half naked human (class wasn't obvious)
The toolbar looked like that of a Shammy oddly enough. But the Drainei was wearing plate.
I believe they were also STV.. near the southern part with all the Bloodsail pirates.

WoW Insider Interview: You Play or We Pay part 2 {WoW}

Jan 16th 2009 9:52AM from what I gather, even they don't believe in their own product.
he's hesitant as to whether he would take his own product

the point of insurance is to give you something back equivalent to what you lost. These guys aren't giving you anything back.
There is no good way to make this business model work.
Blizz credits us for all the excessive downtime. These guys do nothing.

Person: I paid 5$ so that I can get 3$ back of downtime: watch that money roll in baby

I'd rather keep that 5$ and invest it into my next month of subscription. I'm still waiting in a god damn Queue either way.
My insurance doesn't give me back the fun I should be having in game!

"Meaning that we would always have to take more money in than we give out. And this is kind of what we're doing, and why we haven't set up activations yet."

Read scamming us.

Scamming scammer is scamming.

You two fail. Go back to trying to coax children into buying drugs or whatever awful things you people try do for a quick buck!
Worse than gold farmers!

Scattered Shots: On Roleplaying a Hunter {WoW}

Oct 3rd 2008 4:41AM "They probably don't worry too much about which ranged weapon they use, as they're likely rather utilitarian and use whatever works best. Whatever the weapon, it is always well cared for."

I found this hilarious.

hunters not caring for weapons? that's why I see hunters need rolling on wands and DPS cloth... "HUNTERZ GEARZ"