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Scattered Shots: What we didn't get {WoW}

Oct 9th 2008 3:18PM Agreed, and yet there is all this discussion about bullsh1t gimmicks instead of talking about being able to achieve satisfaction on a very important component of the game.

PVE trash, 5-mans, BG's, Raids, Arena

Which one of these does not look like the others for hunters. And, 2 of these provide the best rewards, one is arena and one is raiding.

If they put rewards for 5-mans and regular BG on par with arena awards, I wouldn't do arena, and I certainly would not bitch. But it just aint the case.

Scattered Shots: What we didn't get {WoW}

Oct 9th 2008 2:40PM The problem as I see it is this:

For me its all bout getting the best gear/items. And yes having fun while doing it and its just a game and all that sh1t. But its also a competition. I cant commit to raid for 4 hours as i'm an older player and cant disregard responsibilities. However, with the arena rating system and the subsequent ability to aquire top gear and weapons, hunters are left out of being able compete on the most important pvp level. BG gear is not Arena gear and we all know this. As with any class and I have a few 70's (hunter as the main) it feels that hunters are left with a broken class competing in an arena for the same rewards that other classes get. Thats the imbalance that PVP hunters are bitching about.

I dont care about camo, bear trap or rogues with MD and I dont want to be overpowered and just melt faces all day. But we have to be able to compete in the arena setting when so much of the top rewards depend on it. We need an even playing field. IMO Hunters are fine in general PVE, BG's and raids for the most part. Its purely arena that Blizz fails the class. I don't have an answer as to how to fix us in arena, but that's what I pay Blizz for. I'm also happy about the pet changes, although it doesn't answer the arena question. Is my favorite toon about to be nerfed into just a real efficient farmer for my more viable alts? Thats a bummer and a game changer for me. Id like shiny new stuff and the ability to acheive it without the class restrictions we're experiencing now. I want my brutal set and thereafter without having to work 3 times as hard as the other classes. Just need things to be fair. Giving the class a series of gimmicks and pet buffs doesn't address the arena issue. And Blizz has know about this for a long time and has failed to make any advancements. There are a lot of hunters that aren't tards or scrubs stuck in the 1400-1600's and give up on trying to find a person that wants to partner with them.

My 2 copper

Scattered Shots: On Roleplaying a Hunter {WoW}

Oct 2nd 2008 11:08PM This is all nonsense, are they going to make the hunter class viable for PVP or not. I can go back to 3rd grade for D&D roleplay should the mood strike me