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Bornakk confirms raid nerf {WoW}

Oct 3rd 2008 4:51PM No. Those people were LEVEL 70. On the PUBLIC TEST REALM! Not level 80s on the beta.

And how the hell is the effect of raid wide buffs being weakened? Moonkin Aura for one has a major buff, giving players 3% haste also. Things like trueshot aura give the EXACT SAME AP rating, and are now raid wide to all players. Although things like drums and heroism have been given cooldowns, those cooldowns generally wont effect anything out of the ordinary because before they were assigned to groups, and usually I would only get 1 heroism per fight, and 1 drum rotation per 2 mins. THAT IS NOT GONNA CHANGE.

The only thing, and I mean THE ONLY THING which has become more difficult with the patch is the potion sickness. But given, you can still use 1 mana pot, and given there are soooo many new mana enhancing abilities, I thought they balanced it out.

Now listen carefully, NAME ONE guild on the PTR that was unable to continue to down bosses. Link me a thread, do something. I havent found ANY! You people are like broken records. I know why Blizzard "said" they nerfed the bosses. But what they said and the reality of it is different.

Bornakk confirms raid nerf {WoW}

Oct 3rd 2008 2:00PM You people seem to have missed the point completely about why this nerf is bad:

1. Have there been tests where guilds have not been able to defeat bosses given the new mechanics?

2. Have there been tests to show at level 70, overall mitigation, healing, mana efficiency and dps is down?

Keep in mind, ALL buffs are now raid wide. All totems, all auras, etc... Mana tide will now effects every single person in the raid, and not just one group. 1 mana tide = 1 mana pot. The new shadow priest mana talent now is raid wide. If you didnt have a shadow priest in your group, its like you do now!

Our guild does Brutallus with a lot of dps missing out on a shaman. We do it with some of our groups have no drums at all. We do it with some groups never even seeing a heroism and we still kill him! Now, the entire raid will be able to get drums, mana, heroism, totems, auras etc to boost mana efficiency and dps.

Tanks are now doing ridiculous damage, which assists with the dps. A LOT OF CLASSES have improved their damage. My main is a balance druid, and on the PTR there have been accounts of up to 500dps increase. Balance druids also have new mana abilities which regen much more mana than any other buff.

30% is a massive nerf. It removes the challenge. If people wanted to visit Sunwell, they can at level 80. Nothing stopping them then. I enjoyed going to Naxx 40 when I didnt get to when I was level 60. Didnt take the fun away at all, and it was still challenging.

So before you guys say anything else, go on the PTR and just see how much classes have actually improved, THEN tell me bosses don't need to be nerfed.

Oh and just for your information, this is the kind of impact this nerf has made on the bosses:

1. People killing Kalecgos within 4 portals (not even a complete rotation).

2. Pug of 22 people (4 healers only) killing Kael'thas, many of them never set foot into Tempest Keep before. (3 attempts only).

Does this sound like the bosses needed a god damn nerf? I dont think so! Is that the kind of WoW we're gonna expect in WoTLK? Making bosses so ridiculously easy that any god damn pug can kill them? I hope not