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Priest changes and glyphs in Wrath beta patch 9014 {WoW}

Oct 5th 2008 11:58AM I personally am quite happy with how the holy tree has turned out w/ the few changes and adds the the tree. My priest has, live 1910 healing and my renew only puts out around 794-824 a tick but in ptr renew is doing 1k+ a tick with only having 1010spell power. A def plus for us. One thing im not happy with is Dispersion still. In raids it serves a bit better purpose though you cant deal damage or anything.. but in pvp its absolute crap. Why would you bother wasting the point in it? If they put the health regen back in it.. it would definately be more pvp viable. Currently i have around 10k HP which with the way it was would give me 3600HP back while in the form. If ppl were QQ about that they can bite the whitest part of my ass. We have no burst damage that doesnt hurt us in return, so the extra HP we get back 'could' turn the tide in our favor 'if' it was CD'd. But with every other classes ability to do burst dps 3600hp ,or as it scales to 80 a bit more, will end up being nothing but a good crit away from death. If your that concerned make its regen 4% for health.