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Arcane Brilliance: Leveling your Mage through Northrend {WoW}

Nov 17th 2008 12:07PM Hi all,

First things first: thank you for this interesting post Christian.

Now about the arcane tree, I am a bit sceptic. I looked at what arcane spells are gonna become at level 80. In my opinion, the scaling of their damage output will remove a huge part of fun. Indeed, the full arcane built at 80 looks proportionally far less efficient than it was at 70, between patch 3.0.2 and WOTLK. For example Arcane Barrage will go from 709 to 865 dmg at level 70 to 936 to 1144 dmg at level 80. On the other hand, Ice Barrier absorbs 1705 dmg at 70 and 3300 at 80.

I'd like to know your opinion on this. Are there already any level 80 that could validate or invalidate this please?


The Art of War(craft): The limbo season {WoW}

Nov 7th 2008 11:15AM Naix, you really made me lol with your so "cliche" comment,

"I have PVPed BGs in PVE gear and as long as you are skilled you should have little problems."

Well, I believe you when you say that you had little problems, why not after all? But I do think that you have obviously not faced PVP geared opponents too. That makes sence, since most players in BGs are here to get some PVP gear. If you are PVE geared you should have less than 100 in resilience rating, if not zero resilience. Try to face an opponent with full S2 gear (easily obtained form BGs), that is with around 370 resilience rating. Well even if you are very skilled and your opponent is not, you will not have "little problems," you will have big problems. If not, maybe were you hiding somewhere outside of the fight...

Skill matters with equivalent gear on both opponents, otherwise gear prevails.

Arcane Brilliance: Post-patch madness {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2008 5:23AM Hi mate,

I disagree with you, appart maybe for palladins, but now all classes have problems with them, not only mages. Hopefully this will be fixed since no class should be able to dominate all other classes.
As for shammys and Warlocks now, well maybe all guys that complain about Deep Freeze don't use it the right way, I don't know. But really you can defeat them. Say warlocks for example, I defeated A LOT of them (duels outside Orgrimmar, battelgrounds, world PVP and arenas) thanks to Deep Freeze. They can trinket the first one, true, but they will generally take at least one crit with Ice Lance before they can react (unless they have insane reflexes). Then you don't have to wait for 30 sec but 24 sec for the cooldown since you're frost spec, and you also have Cold Snap. Maybe I faced only baddly skilled warlocks, but it was like 15-20 of them I faced, I lost only 2 times. So the probability that all of them were noobs is really low (and anyway I used to lose even against noob warlocks before patch 3.0.2, hehe).
Let me know what you think about it.

PS: And no offence mate, but Fingers of Frost works in PVP too, thanks to Frost Armor :)

Arcane Brilliance: Post-patch madness {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2008 4:58AM "What I see is that you rarely have the chance to cast a Frostbolt while the dude is frozen"
I suggest that you have a look at this shatter combo tutorial:
Now you should also have Fingers Of Frost, and Icy Veins if you're frost spec. In addition, the "Quartz" addon reallly helps you reducing your casting times. All those things together should really help you reducing your casting times and cast a Frostbolt while "the dude is frozen". Actually, the trick is not to freeze him and then start casting Frostbolt (as explained in tutorial), but to start casting frostbolt and freeze him (with your elemental's Frost Nova) RIGHT AFTER the Frostbolt is launched.
Anyway, in PVP I generally don't cast Frostbolt too much, especially in arenas. I only cast Ice lance 3 times in a row when the opponent is under Deep Freeze spell, because you have to keep moving. And with say 850-900 spell power, these 3 Ice Lances will crit with approx 2k-2.3k dmg. Three times in a row makes it between 6k and 7k dmg. This is hudge, in my opinion.
Now if you really want to cast Frostbolt to combine it with Deep Freeze, what I do is to use it the way I used to make my shatter combo before patch 3.0.2, but with Deept Freeze instead of Ice Lance. I explain: instead of casting Frostbolt and then just after Ice Lance, you cast frostbolt and just after Deep Freeze. Then you can cast your 3 Ice Lances. The output dmg is amazing, around 10k. I took down so many of my opponents in like 10-15 sec this way in battlegrounds. In arenas, I don't use Frostbolt unless it's a finish in 1v1.
Hope that helps, and look forward to read what u think about all of this :)

Arcane Brilliance: Post-patch madness {WoW}

Oct 20th 2008 5:42AM Hi all,

I just would like to update a comment I made in a previous Arcane Brilliance about the Deepr Freeze talent. I was indeed really worried about mages future (for PVP), when I read the post saying that this talent is not really worth taking. As a frost mage I was really frustrated. But then last week patch 3.0.2 came live. Well, let me tell you that I actually do not share Christian Belt's opinion about this talent.
My new PVP build is 7 arcane/ 54 Frost. The 7 pts in arcane are spent to get the 70 % resistance to all schools of magic (note that in the current new talent tree this built might not be worth anymore because magic absorption has been nerved: it is not 1% resistance per level anymore, but 0.5% per level).
This new build has given me much more efficiency in PVP, especially thanks to Deep Freeze. I mean for 5 seconds u can basically crit 3 times, your opponent no being allowed to do anything about this. That is he basically loses 7k health. This is awesome, not to mention what happens when the cooldown is over (24 sec. is short, but we also have Cold Snap).
In battelgrounds and in arenas, mages do so much better now thanks to this talent. So why Christian do you criticize this talent in each of your post, which I quite like by the way!

Arcane Brilliance: On Deep Freeze {WoW}

Oct 6th 2008 5:12AM Bah...
With the expansion coming out, I started to play a lot, trying to get a good arena rating so that I could be one of those who have the Brutal set. The problem is, even if I did spend days and days in battelgrounds to farm honour, so far I only have the Merciless set. Well, let me tell you that it is hard to survive for very long at 1500 rating with this set (at least for me). You may think this has nothing in relation to the post. Well let me explain: I was kind of hopping that the expansion would help mages to, at least, deal more damage or (one can dream) make them just a bit less vulnerable (actutally, maybe Mirror Image helps for the second one, I don't know, you tell me). So I've been following your posts carefully, since I'm not in the beta. At the beginning, I was pretty happy. But now, every week, mages are nerved again and again. It looks like mages are gonna continue to be others classes' toys (except 1-2 of them ofc).
Now really, I'm thinking about stopping that game, since I have no time to level another class to 70 before the expansion. Anyway I don't want to: I loved being a mage too much. Now it seems that the "magic" has gone.
Is it really worth carrying on playing, putting in danger my relationship, because I spend all my time on WoW? I'm now pretty sure that it's not. Many of my friends actually think the same, except maybe that they don't bother trying to be another class instead of a mage, which I don't want to.

Good post once again.

PS: for those who will say that a lack skill, not being able to exceed 1500ish rating. It may be true, but I think it's the same for most of us. I'm probably an average player. The thing is, take a bunch of average players, and give each of them a different class to play (say in 2v2 or 3v3 for example). Then look mages' rank, and you'll understand what I mean.