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Officers' Quarters: A military solution {WoW}

Oct 6th 2008 7:00PM Im in the Navy as well, AMAN(AW), and also have lost 6 months of wow play to the gulf. Im also a GM of a PvP guild on a new character I started when I came back from deployment.
Working in aviation, especially helo aviation, we dont get much free time during the week since we work 12+. I basically find the best people I can to run the guild for me, under my set guidelines. Im just the name of the GM, thats it. Im not even my Rogue class officer. Half my command also plays wow too, which is nice!
Anyway, it is difficult to find time to play or run a guild when you are in the service, but it is possible. Unfortunately for me though, it means missing out on content and sticking to PvP.
I know running a PvP guild is different from PvE, but I drew up a goal for my guild in the ginfo tab, our outlook and plans for WOTLK, and people stick around.
Be good out there man!