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Arcane Brilliance: Assorted patch 4.1 thoughts {WoW}

May 2nd 2011 12:06PM I'm loving it. :) Arcane has significantly improved it's DPS performance. My raid DPS is now Top 3, but not usually Top 1 (which still appears to be huntards). I'm okay with Top 3, since I was bottom as Arcane for all of 4.0.x

The speed change on AB has had an impact in that my cycling between burn and conserve phases is no longer sync'd with my other cooldowns. But this is not a bad thing, just an adjustment. The biggest impact is the Haste Soft Cap is now in sight so, reforging a little is needed.

One note for us Arcane Mages. With the extra DPS, WATCH OMEN MORE. During our burn phase, a lot of tanks can't handle the burst or the 80K+ crit AB's happening one right after another.

Two Bosses Enter: The ICC-ToC Season {WoW}

Feb 24th 2010 11:40AM Standing to our right... Bromjahm. A master of souls and dark magics. Favoring the close and confined place of the forge, Bromjahm will have to overcome his fear of wide open spaces.

And on our left... The Black Knight. A master of life and death and Death Knight extraordinaire. Flying in on his undead gryphon, Th Black Knight will summon his swarms of undead to crush Bromjahm.

The fight is a sure fire test of strategy for these to combatants.

The Black Knight favoring a close melee style will want to interfere with Bromjahn's Corrupt Soul or face moving on to his next life. While his army of the dead will attempt to blow up in Bromjahn's face, it is unlikely that this will be productive. A good SoulStrom and these formidable swarmers will not live long enough to go..BOOM.

Bromjahn's advantage will be in moving The Black Knight onto to his next lives as fast as possible. As The Black Knight gains more powers, he is also less physical and more 'soul'ish. A distinct advantage for The Black Knight.

The question in this match up... Will the physical damage of the blustery Black Knight kill Bromjahn before The Black Knight's soul is destroyed by Bromjahn formidable powers.

The answer is and odds are in favor of.... BROMJAHN.

The Black Knight's advantage is significantly hampered by SoulStorm, and the fact that Bromjahn gains more power over The Black Knight as time goes by, favors Bromjahn.

Two Bosses Enter: Anub, Eregos meet in finale; search for judges {WoW}

Feb 12th 2010 11:43AM Well now, this is an interesting fight...

In one corner, flying above is a mighty dragon, who can't really get at the bug.
In the other, burrowing underground is a mighty general-bug, who can't really get at the dragon.

So the fight comes down to which one must blink first, and in so doing can burst dmg kill the other.

Eregos, gives little warning on his breath attack.
Anub, bubbles the ground before spiking his prey.

Anub has a healing effect, minor, but present.
Eregos, can phase shift and blast the world out.

While Anub is no fool, he still must come up and see where Eregos is in order to time his spikes.

The question of adds is trivial. The whelps are VERY minor to Anub, and Eregos can destroy the swarms of bugs fairly quick.

So, the question... Can the minor healing leeches replenish Anub faster than Eregos's burst dmg? Or will the few swarms that get through to Eregos kill him?

This will be a LONG fight, but in the end, I would give it to Eregos. The general must come up even for a moment, and that's sufficient time for Eregos's breath weapon. Leeches won't heal him fast enough.

Arcane Brilliance: WoW patch 3.3 primer for mages {WoW}

Dec 7th 2009 12:47PM I thought us Arcane mages were getting free missile barrages in 3.3. Did that go by the way side?

Officers' Quarters: More loot-rolling shenanigans {WoW}

Nov 2nd 2009 2:13PM Under that same principle, then all 25 people should roll for each and every item.

It shouldn't matter that you are a clothie and your guildmate is a clothie. If you were a warrior, you should still roll on cloth gear to give to your guildmate.

And under that premise, EVERYONE should roll on EVERYTHING in the PuG run. So, in truth, you are stealing the loot.

You may mean well, but unless you are up front about it... you're cheating them.

Arcane Brilliance: The wonders of Frostfire {WoW}

Dec 8th 2008 12:11PM Whoa. Who would have thought that an article on FFB and use of common slang terms would generate this much hatred back and forth?

Discussions of Teabagging might be distasteful to some, and a joke to other. Either way, your personal offense aside, this is not the place to address your moral values or to try and clean the content to meet your standards.

WoWInsider is not required to meet any particular standard of speech. And they're repeating such common usages do not endangerous the well being of a child. Any such accusation would be to the initial utterance, in game.

You are welcome to rear your child and be the type of parent you choose to be. It is not the requirement of anyone else to live up to, or down to, your standard.

As for this column... leave the discusion to the area of Mages and your soapbox to the political or religious arenas. Thanks.

Now... FFB is something that I guess I will have to try at some point, but I am still having much more fun being able to MOVE with Arcane barrage as my main nuke! Woot!

What's the point of resist gear? {WoW}

Oct 7th 2008 1:19PM The topic is great, but the approach from Blizz is not. I am all for making people obtain new tings to help them progress. These 'full resist fights', however, are not that.

'Gear Checks' are understandable and not horrible, however, it is different when you say that everyone in the raid has to be at max resist or the fight cannot be done and it becomes a roadblock for the content.

Mother in BT is a perfect example. Everyone in BT has to completely gimp themselves on all stats just to reach the required level of resist. Tanks, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, Healers, everyone. Forget about having to manage your skill/spell rotations, forget about making sure you are an effective utility for maximum support, forget about skills in timing or coordination, forget about anything other than single spamming one thing and having enough space in your bags for the special gear.

I'm sorry, that philosphy just takes it over the edge.

There are a number of GOOD mechanics in Boss Fights that are extremely enjoyable:
>Alternative Reflective Sheilds
>Mind Control of a random raider
>Forced position shifting
>the whole concept of PHASEs

But, clutter your bank and/or bags with gear used for one 5 minute fight... boring and rude.

PS: Mages QQ about these things because, contrary to non-mages opinions, they are completely shut out of effective alternatives. Those who think Frost Mages can Fireball or vice versa, never raided as a mage. Mages get sat out of the fight if the mobs are immune to their main spec. Ask every Fire Mage who ever wanted to Al'ar.