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Reader UI of the Week: Kraayliis of Azuremyst {WoW}

Jun 5th 2009 10:34PM You raise some good points regarding UI design, Tink. I'd be very interested to see what your UI looks like. Personally, this UI doesn't do much for me; mainly because of the space-filling decoration at bottom. It looks like 20-30% of the bottom area is completely unused. I certainly emphasise function over form when I am trying to create a new UI- although the two are not mutually exclusive.

One thing that often crosses my mind while designing a UI is: what does one really NEED to see? As a raiding Arms warrior (;_;), I don't actually need to know the health of my fellow raid members. I don't need to see my buffs, or anyone elses. I don't need to know my DPS during a fight. In the majority of fights, I don't even need to be aware of my threat. I have very few cooldowns to track (and my scrolling combat text informs me when they come back up). If I wanted to be absolutely minimal, I don't really need to see my damage done or the raid damage being done to me, and I know my keybindings well enough to not need to see my bars at all. The one thing I DO need to see is the raid environment and my various raid mods and timers, and without a huge amount of clutter on my screen, it is easy to keep track of these. It's a lot easier to not stand in fire when the fire isn't obscured by a reputation bar or Grid.

While I realise that I have much more freedom to clean up my UI as a non-utility DPS, I think everyone should really consider what they actually need to see during a fight. Healers need Grid, and many DPS classes need to keep track of cooldowns and timers- but NeedToKnow, or ClassTimers can display all relevant timers without using a huge amount of space on the screen. Do you need that giant glowing cast bar? Do you need to see your mana-regen ability EVERY TICK? Do you need to see how long the random proc which you have no control over is going to be up for? Do you need eight bars, with every possible spell and item and daily quest item and your hearthstone and three mounts and four pets stuck on them? This being said, my current UI does display Omen and Recount. When you have removed all extraneous information, these is enough room for a little bit of e-peen monitoring :-P

The Queue: In your city, stealing your mailbox {WoW}

Dec 7th 2008 8:17PM That first question (about ArP) literally made me gag with disgust. "Is ArP good for heals?" Jesus, how did you manage to install the game? Did you have to call tech support? "My manual doesn't seem to fit in the floppy disk drive! How long do I have to cook the installation CD for?"

On a related note, this site could really use some more in-depth content, rather than this incessant pandering to casual players. They exist, fine, let them have a column, but must every article be targeted towards them? Can't we have at least SOME content for people who actually know how to play? Maybe coverage and summaries of the EJ forums? Guides on how to get the heroic raid achievements? Discussion of game mechanics and theorycrafting? And for Mr. ArP-helps-me-heal, why not some in-depth guides on how to play your class? I don't mean the current "Warriors are fighty people!" guides, I mean damage rotations, spec analyses, etc. The writers of this site have a great opportunity to help people get better at this game. I say this as someone who follows WoW Insider religiously- the writing is great, but a little more in-depth content would be nice.

Is Wrath too easy? {WoW}

Nov 20th 2008 6:34AM Maybe you missed the memo, but they didn't just beat Naxx, they have BEATEN THE GAME. They have cleared all content in the game. They saw the end credits less than a week after the game was released. I believe that several other hardcore guilds have replicated their success. Do you think that this is how the game should be tuned? I remember following DnT's progress through Naxx, reading as they learnt each fight and eventually, over a period of weeks, beat the instance. In case you are new to WoW, this was arguably the most hardcore guild in the world, in the best gear in the game. And it took them WEEKS to beat that instance. In this case, the entire raid content has been beaten by people in gear which is 10 levels old, and with people below the level cap, in less than a week including the time taken to level 70-80. Bring back the glory days. Challenge us, rather than catering to the lowest common denominator. I'm sure I will feel no satisfaction when my guild one-shots Naxx.

I really think this is the key point Blizzard is missing here- by catering to casual players, all achievements (not the Xbox kind) in the game become insignificant. Who cares about gear when epics are handed out like candy? Who cares about raiding when you can pug it? Frankly, casuals will enjoy the game regardless of the tuning of end-game content. There are SO many options in this game for enjoyable casual play- levelling, battlegrounds, exploring, getting achievements, crafting, fishing, grinding rep, etc. Why give them the one part of the game that should require some effort as well? Make raids challenging again and keep everyone satisfied. This doesn't even have to exclude more casual players- several small guilds on my server got bear mounts, just by persisting and playing intelligently. We ALL want to earn our victories in this game, not have them handed to us.


Forum post of the day: Collateral damage {WoW}

Nov 5th 2008 9:18PM Ran Hyjal last night; pallies are fine. I don't think one mob in any wave slipped past their consecrate, or got pulled by AOE spamming mages, or myself spamming Reck-boosted, trinketed Sweeping Strikes-Bladestorm whenever I could. Mana didn't appear to be an issue in trash or boss-fights. I actually prefer to run with pally tanks (class traitor lol) because of how solid their AOE threat is, I generally pull off a warrior or druid while Bladestorming.

Reserve your Death Knight name right now {WoW}

Nov 5th 2008 8:51PM Reserved "Mankrik" years ago, now it will be my DK name. Obviously his deep hatred of quillboars and obsessive quest for vengeance against them has driven him to ally with the Lich King, in the hopes of gaining further quillboar-destroying powers.

The Light and How to Swing It: Something's gone terribly wrong {WoW}

Oct 26th 2008 12:48AM My main is a warrior, and I can certainly feel the pain of paladins at being unable to slow opponents. I wouldn't bother doing Arena without hamstring. And paladins were broken from S2-S4. I actually run with a paladin in 2s, so it definitely isn't in my interest to see them nerfed to the ground. That said, however...


Skill Mastery: Bloodsurge {WoW}

Oct 7th 2008 11:51PM @Heilig:

You are off on a few points here. I can only assume that your main is not a raiding fury warrior, or a PVP warrior, in which case perhaps you should not be making such extensive commentary on TG.

First- "Any fury warrior worth a damn is going to be stacking hit anyway". At present, this is simply not true. No fury warrior stacks hit. Fury is only a viable spec (and barely) after reaching a certain standard of gear- around T5. By the time you have this gear, you will not need to stack hit, as the itemization of your gear will mean you have reached the soft hit cap without gems. Once the soft hit cap is reached, STR, ArP, AP, even haste will benefit your DPS more than further hit. In WotLK, fury warrs with TG will be forced to stack more hit than they would if they had not taken TG, wasting gem slots. This is the reason why TG does not, in fact, provide a significant increase in DPS, leading me on to my next point.

"Being able to use two 2hers without ANY penalty at all is just stupid OP." Again, you are incorrect, and your rough calculations do more to harm your argument than back it up. I don't really want to fill up this thread with theorycrafting, so I would suggest that you and anyone who is interested take a look at the warrior forums, which have several threads analysing TG in depth, and warrior threads on the Elitist Jerks forums. In short, at present TG only provides a minor increase in DPS over a standard DW fury build. So the idea that DPS warriors would be overpowered if TG did not lower special hit is incorrect in relation to pure DPS, i.e. raiding. The 51-pt talent of any class should be more than a minor DPS increase, I am sure you will agree. And frankly, fury warriors really need a significant DPS increase. Tell me the last time you wanted to take a fury warrior to a raid, or even a heroic. They bring nothing other than their DPS, which at present is inferior to most other classes. A warlock, mage, rogue, shaman, or hunter will always out DPS a fury warrior of similar skill and gear, as well as providing extra utility.

Finally, you mention that "if you're able to gear like you do now ... and not miss your specials, you would absolutely destroy any other class." This is laughable. Please, show me the fury warriors above the 2K mark in arena. We are certainly capable of destroying other classes- if they are kind enough to stand still and face away from us, and refrain from being healed. While some talents in the WotLK fury tree are aimed at increasing our PVP viability (and we are thankful for this), we still have a long way to go in relation to other classes and specs. A small amount of extra damage might have helped to compensate for our total lack of mobility, CC, utility, or in fact ability to do anything other than hit stationary targets.

In summary, there is a reason why every serious warrior in the beta is Prot spec- for tanking, PVP, or DPS. Fury needs help.