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Reminder: Watch out for Mists of Pandaria beta invite scams {WoW}

Mar 22nd 2012 11:29PM While I approve this message, I would like to point out it's wrong about the e-mail Blizzard is sending out (Though it shouldn't be, shame on you Blizzard!). The e-mail has -7- normal links, PLUS icon links to the same message in many different languages.

Mind you, the right thing to do if you receive one is to go over and enter by hand into your browser and check your account if it's legit, but saying that Blizzard doesn't provide links to click on is straight up wrong.

Have reforging demands become too complex? {WoW}

Jan 31st 2012 5:35PM My issue with reforging is that while it can be useful, in most cases I've seen far too much gear in Cata that has stats obviously balanced around "Here's a useless stat for this item, so that you can reforge half of it to something useful." Rather than making the players make each item useful, Blizzard should just balance the stats appropriately on the gear in the first place. Then if because of the -overall- gear stats someone has too much hit, or whatnot, they could reforge that away to something more useful.

Breakfast Topic: Are you a WoW cross-dresser? {WoW}

Jan 7th 2012 11:18AM A friend of mine that always played female characters summed it up nicely. "If I'm going to stare at the butt of something for many hours at a time, I'd rather it be a good looking one."

When it was put that way, I could definitely see his point.

5 things WoW could learn from Star Wars: The Old Republic {WoW}

Dec 13th 2011 3:46PM Forget looting at all. It's one of those things from FFXI I'll actually miss until my dying day. The loot simply dropping into the loot list for the party with no need to click on -anything- to do it. Why in the hell after killing something must I waste even one click on looting.

BioWare says WoW is the touchstone for Star Wars: The Old Republic {WoW}

Feb 15th 2011 4:25PM You know this isn't far off base. I and my wife both play WoW on Macs. But the real interesting thing to me is that I think people vastly underestimate the number of players on Macs.

We've been playing since beta, and in -every- group where OS platform has been mentioned there's been at least one other player on a Mac. In all our guilds I'd say probably %30 of the people have been Mac users. This was surprisingly true of the largest guild we were ever in (> 200 people, well over 500 characters) and the smallest ones we've been in. (The largest guild we were in also had multiple people switch to MacBook Pro's while we were in it as their main machines).

Now I'm sure on a worldwide basis the number of Mac players isn't as high, but the sheer number of other Mac users we've run in to in the game makes me think that the platform is bringing in a lot more money than Blizzard would admit to. And none of the Mac players have a MMO to switch to. The other modern MMO's that are out on the Mac are all running under Cider afaik, and honestly that means they're not nearly as playable on my older Mac as WoW is.

The Daily Grind: What would bring you back? {Massively}

Aug 9th 2010 5:13PM FFXI: Would have to move furniture around, but otherwise still love the game, just come and go on it though.

WoW: Generally get bored and leave at some point, and drift back in to play new content with friends here and there

Aion: Nothing would get me back. But -not- because of the game, but simply because of NCSoft, I've never seen a company fail at the basics of community management so spectacularly. I mean, launching a triple-A MMO with no GM staff available? You've got to be kidding me.

LotRO: Fix the damned floaty character animations!

AoC: Fix the bugs I reported when I quit after the initial launch... which STILL aren't fixed.

The other MMO's I've tried over the years I probably wouldn't head back to just by virtue of having moved on, nothing about them to interest and pull me back these days.

Though can't wait for FFXIV!

The Daily Grind: Real ID disaster averted... or is it? {Massively}

Jul 10th 2010 10:36AM Well, i've been a long time Blizzard game player. Played them all up to this point. But this and the Real ID junk tied to SC2 and D3 and I'm simply done. There's other games out to play. Sadly my time in WoW is done, and I was so close to my shadowmourne... Ahh well!

Hulu Plus announced for iPhone and iPad {}

Jun 29th 2010 4:00PM I pay nothing for my cable bill each month. Because I dropped cable when I decided that I was sick and tired of paying a monthly fee to be advertised to. So like others I instead pay Netflix and get DVD's that I can easily skip the advertising on. And I've yet to watch one of their instant streams and be shown an ad. Now I'm fine with free Hulu if they want to show ads, but I'm not going to -pay them- for the ads. And who cares if Netflix doesn't have the current season? Honestly, my life is not defined by being able to watch a particular TV show -right now-. If I'm interested, then it can show up in a year and I'll still watch it, if I'm not interested in a year when my queue gets that far along, well then I probably didn't care that much in the first place. It's just entertainment folks. Remember, your life doesn't depend on TV. So make the providers decide, they can show you ads, or they can sell you the content, but they should NOT be selling you ads!

Holiday weekend giveaway: Early Edition for iPad delivers easy RSS {}

Jun 1st 2010 9:48PM looks like a good contest to me :)