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So much for Chaos and other Warlock stories in build 9014 {WoW}

Oct 9th 2008 2:46AM This is the kind of attitude I like. The emo fail kind of attitude. How many denizens of Outlands and Azeroth just up and don't respond, quit, when as a Warlock, I start owning their face? The answer is many.

They whne, they cry, then they get tired and roll the OP Warlock. Then, they don't like all the dotting and keeping track of their duties and they fall for the SB spam or the Incenerate spam when they aren't even hit capped. You folks are the kind of nice filth that clutters our evil empire. I'd go so far and wager that there's about TWO honest to satan Warlocks on each server. I hope they make Affliction more confusing, I hope that the down-ranking gets stopped, I applaud the rework of the buffs, maybe, just maybe destro builds will get smoked dps wise by Affliction. I hope to hell it all comes true.


Because it sounds like all of you will quit, you sad pathetic excuses for Warlocks. Dust off that xbox, plug in the Wii, go back to playing your huntard. There's so much qq, emo, crying posts above this one, I can hardly believe any of you are actually evil. Quit, do it, you'll never stand in the inner circle, effing crybabies.

A new kind of Warlock is about to be born, he's going to walk over the dead bodies of his comrades after he crawls out of the womb. Hopefully all that make it are wicked and are invigorated by the smell of their dead brothers around them. Those yet embracing the dark arts will put a soul in your rotting corpse and we'll call you Death Knight. You can tank for us you sad pathetic loser.