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So much for Chaos and other Warlock stories in build 9014 {WoW}

Oct 9th 2008 10:45AM The only reason Blizz keeps changing top OP classes is that more people keep playing and trying new chars. It makes sence- more money and more accounts for them. It pisses me off those that you get used to a certain class ( i played everyclass there is, and i LOVE warlocks), they totaly change it. I got used to my lock, end game raiding, pvp, everything, and to have your lock changed into a mage, or some other shit- well, it'll feel like starting some new class over again. I don't know if the expansion will bring more bad then good, but there's already so much shit that we didnt use, and so many spells- they coulda just fixed those! Locks are shadow, pure and simple thats how I like to see them, if you want fire- roll a dam mage. you know, dark, demons, demonic power= shadow. not fire.
Either way, all the constant changes, and complete revamps, this close to release date, just shows they're going to push this game out months before its ready, just to have people live testing it ( and to try to keep them from going to WAR). Its going to be HELLA unbalanced, and a complete mess. Which leaves gamers that love their class at a gravestone with their character.