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Blood Elf vs. Draenei diorama giveaway {WoW}

Feb 10th 2009 9:49PM Entering for 02/10/09.

Good luck, and awsome deal, guys!

Deep Wounds hotfixed {WoW}

Feb 4th 2009 8:10PM While Arms does make more use of the Bleed effects, like Deep Wounds, Fury was getting much more use out of Deep Wounds in particular, due to Fury applying many more Deep Wound effects, stacking them up nice and high, and having so many damage modifiers affect the application of this bleed blew this way out of proportion for Fury, more so than Arms.

Yes, Deep Wounds is a standby mechanic for Arms. But does it make up 27% (the number I've come to use for it) of your total DPS, through the entire night? It does for Fury.

Another reason that everyone and their mother-in-law is portraying this as a Fury nerf is, well, they've been saying Fury damage is too high, and, well, they're expecting it. So when something like this happens, people assign that "Fury nerf" tag on it, and discuss that aspect.

And dropping 12% off of my total damage dealt is indeed a nerf, in addition to a bugfix, if it's whacking that same 10-15% off of all the other Fury Warriors out there. Or, at the very least, a shifting in the class. Which, I personally accept happily; as cool as Deep Wounds was (and is), making up a quarter of my damage output is kind of... boring, to say the least.

Deep Wounds hotfixed {WoW}

Feb 4th 2009 7:58PM Totally understandable. And, sorry if it sounded like I was being... aggressive with my words. Thought I threw an emoticon (smiley) or something in there at the end, must not have. Whoops!

And who says that you're long-winded? Okay, maybe, but at least there's good content in there. Like convincing me that Bloodsurge wasn't a waste of 3 perfectly good talent points back in beta when I was on the outside looking in? Until you wrote about how much you "LOVED Bloodsurge", I just didn't see any point whatsoever in it. (Speaking of which, the change to the new Bloodsurge would be another great topic to cover. ;D)

Already looking forward to the post!

Deep Wounds hotfixed {WoW}

Feb 4th 2009 4:20PM Speaking of Tankspot, here's a good discussion from the News item on the subject:

I'm sure that this discussion will go somewhere, and have that tank flavor you're looking for. Y'know, not to continually try and drive everyone from the WoWInsider. =D

Deep Wounds hotfixed {WoW}

Feb 4th 2009 4:16PM Please look at my reply to xenocider further below. Your answer is there.

Deep Wounds hotfixed {WoW}

Feb 4th 2009 4:15PM This is not a buff to Arms, nor a really explicit nerf. This is a bugfix that happens to nerf any Warrior who picks up Deep Wounds. Let me repeat that for effect: This is a bugfix.

There are promises of Arms buffs in the works. This is not it. This is not even classified as class balancing, though it does have this effect. This is a bugfix. The Arms buffs will be announced pretty soon, and will be really clear, of that I can be sure.

Deep Wounds hotfixed {WoW}

Feb 4th 2009 4:10PM Forgot to include the links to the discussions at the two places that I mentioned.

Elitist Jerks:

Official Forums (through the MMO-Champion Blue Tracker - click the post title to bring up official forum post):

In the official forums, Ghostcrawler initially said that some changes may have been pushed, as they have been making some internal changes, and then further on clarifies the exact change that is currently live.

Deep Wounds hotfixed {WoW}

Feb 4th 2009 4:02PM There is a lot of "gnashing of teeth" about this on the main forums, and discussion over at Elitist Jerks about it, and its effects on Fury/Arms/Prot in the near, and further, future.

Personally, as a die-hard Fury Warrior, I think it was kind of... odd... to see about a raw 12-15% hacked off of my numbers. Do I think it's the right move? Absolutely. It's a bug that's needed fixing, and has even been handed to the developers by the Warrior community. However, it is a nerf, be it intentional or not. And while Fury damage may have been slightly inflated compared to some other classes recently, this will have to be re-evaluated based on the new (unbugged and intended) mechanics.

One of the main points of contention right now is that this only affects fights such as Thaddius, Loatheb, and Malygos, where an external factor (charges, spores, or sparks, respectively) artifically inflated our damage dealt specifically through Deep Wounds. This is absolutely NOT the case. Over a night of fighting a wide range of bosses, pre-change Deep Wounds damage, speaking from my personal experience, was coming in at about 27%, which after talking to some other Fury Warriors, is pretty consistent across the board (an average of a wide range of fights). Of course this number varies quite a bit, from 20ish-34ish, but the key point to take from this is that our damage ON THE WHOLE (no stylizing tools, so you'll have to deal with caps) has just been taken down by about 10-15%, or 12 if you want a number to work from. This is quite a bit to be taking off the top (the amalgated total of Fury DPS), and is pertinent to keep in mind when further balancing from this point on. And again, to drive the point home - this has the appearance of affecting a wider range of fights than just the "gimmicky" fights, from Patchwerk, to Sarth, on down to KT.

A key point that is also being brought up rather frequently is that Arms DPS has taken another hit, bringing them down to, well, almost healer-DPS territory. Okay, maybe not that far, but certainly below the level that a skilled execution of a well-played and set-up character should be pulling. A number of Arms Warriors that I have spoken to are taking this news none too well, though in my personal opinion, I'm going to give Blizzard some time here, as I have no fears that they will not be compensated. They just announced that they are about to, well, announce numerous and broad-sweeping (though not comprehensive) class and spec changes with 3.1, and this just a day or so after they state rather clearly that Arms DPS (along with the leather-wearing melee DPS known as kitties and... most rogues) is indeed low, and they are working on addressing this very point.

From a Prot point of view, this will hurt threat, and certainly damage output. While the threat game really isn't too much of a deal right now, with everyone raiding in an entry-level raiding scene, I fear that, without a smidgen of compensation in Prot's direction, there could be slight threat issues. On the other hand, pending on actually experiencing this new content, it could just put Prot Warrior threat in the place it really should be - not something that can be ignored, when gearing for more avoidance (As opposed to DPS output, like the situation is currently).

I know you're writing, Matt. I've followed it for a while. I've come to expect more insight than "Deep Wounds bug was fixed" from you. Hopefully another article is forthcoming explaining some of the more in-depth ramifications of this presently ubiquitous talent in Warrior builds. Just Sayin'.(tm)

Forum post of the day: The tank surplus {WoW}

Jan 27th 2009 9:51AM Not to be too hard on the poor girl - she did get chasse, after all.