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Engadget HD giveaways: win a Samsung HL-S5679W DLP with LED backlight {Engadget HD}

Nov 21st 2006 9:13PM All of them.

I own a Xbox 360, but play on a CRT PC monitor for HD....bleh.

I am getting a Wii before Christmas...I need a HDTV for 480p and 16:9.

And I am getting a PS3 in I need something for that in 1080p..

So....yeah....I need a HDTV....badly

PS3 FAQ: answers to your PlayStation 3 questions {Engadget}

Nov 16th 2006 9:25PM How does the PS3's Blu-ray quality compare to other HD-DVD or Blu-Ray players?

How long for a SIXAXIS charge too?

Cingular 8525, BlackJack now for sale {Engadget}

Nov 16th 2006 1:44AM BTW, If I upgrade,Will I still get the deal for a 2 year contract?

Cingular 8525, BlackJack now for sale {Engadget}

Nov 16th 2006 1:35AM I am waiting and waiting for the Treo 750 which is MIA....still.

If that doesn't release,I'll get a Blackjack

Has your Zune gotten social yet? {Engadget}

Nov 14th 2006 6:35PM I hope to get a Zune soon, It is really better then the Ipod in everyway. Plus it will work great with my Xbox 360.

I was hoping for Wi-Fi downloads and Xbox Live Anywhere awareness.

Cingular's Samsung BlackJack i607, announced and reviewed {Engadget}

Nov 13th 2006 1:23PM If we don't see the Treo 750 for a while, I may get.

Any idea or regular price with 2 year contract?

Wii and PlayStation 3 Q&A {Engadget}

Nov 11th 2006 2:35PM How does the Wii work on a smaller TV?

Is it hard to aim on the smaller TV?

Unpacking our PlayStation 3 (with video!) {Engadget}

Nov 4th 2006 12:07AM I have a question. I have a game blog, decent size that I review games for. How do I get Publisher and Companies to send me review copies for the games and consoles?

Next-gen phones to be like PSP {Joystiq Playstation}

Oct 28th 2006 12:40AM The new Cingular Palm Treo 750(I am getting) it rumored to have a 600Mhz Proocessor an 128 RAM, MUCH better then PSP

Requiem for the impending death of CRT televisions {Engadget HD}

Oct 23rd 2006 6:02PM I'm with Buzzcut, I have a 4:3, 27" Samsung Slimfit CRT HDTV. The price differen is about $500, and no current TV offer a picture as good as a CRT. The size ins't a problem a as me and my dad move it in, and we never really ever move it. I will get a SED thought, for my new house