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Spiritual Guidance: What's up Shadow Priests? {WoW}

Sep 15th 2009 7:12PM actually, with Misery, Spriests can afford to cheat a bit on their hit cap -

Thats assuming 3 points in Shadow Focus as well - which we CAN'T cheat on, since we need the mana cost reduction.

Not to mention, with Twisted Faith, we really don't want to skimp on Spirit either...

Ideally, our gear has Int, Spirit, Spellpower and Crit. (once you've got your hit covered)

Unfortunately, there is too much hit gear, stam/int gear, and haste gear out there that falls in the upgrade path. That's gear point allocation that is virtually wasted on an Spriest.

Spiritual Guidance: What's up Shadow Priests? {WoW}

Sep 15th 2009 6:26PM Yes, Spriests are underperforming at the moment. My Spriest is 2nd highest geared in the guild, raiding uld 25, toc 10/25.. and the dps is down towards the bottom on boss fights. No, the gears not all optimal, I'm heavy on hit and haste, a bit low on crit, but that's the way the gears been dropping. Of course, thats the case for most casters right now, ULD and ToC 25 aren't really on FARM status yet, so BIS pieces are few and far between.

So MAYBE the gap closes when the theory crafting based on BIS gear is reached... but at this point, its a severe divide.

Mind Sears almost completely ineffective in ULD/TOC, other than maybe a handful of trash pulls (I can only think of about 3 off the top of my head) -

Our regen is too low, causing us to drop out into dispersion too often, (hence the changes to spirit) which hurts our dps

And VE- meh, its not worth the points to IMP it to feel useful as a support class, since druid hots and shammy heals are so effective at raid healing at the moment.

A challenge to Blizzard's secretive philosophy {WoW}

Sep 10th 2009 4:32PM Eve's Player base = A small group of intensely dedicated hard core gamers, experienced in the MMO Genre

WoW's Player base = average Walmart Shoppers without any prior MMO experience, Internet kiddies from Generation Y with entitlement complexes, and SOME experienced MMO gamers.

Maybe 1/3 of WoW's player base would benefit from transparancy. The other 2/3 would be up in arms on the forums, causing holy hell.

No thanks. I like the way Blizzard has been doing things for the last 5 years. It certainly has seemed to work for them, wouldn't you say?

Play safe because a trojan can get you banned {WoW}

Sep 4th 2009 8:53PM The launcher has been scanning for and detecting malware for quite a while. The recent change to a 24 lockdown of the account started before the "collecting non personal data" phase that we recently went thru.

Their job is not to tell you what malware you have. They are not your malware scanner. They are protecting themselves and their player base FROM you.

(also of note, the collecting of non personal data has gone on since the day you started your account, and unlike some software programs, they are merely advising us of a current poll of data - this is nothing new)

Play safe because a trojan can get you banned {WoW}

Sep 4th 2009 6:53PM Here's my take on it. They aren't doing this out of the goodness of their hearts to protect the user that has malware. (however, the end result for THAT user is a chance to clean their infected machine, so its a benefit for the user who gets flagged)

They are doing this because they've detected malware on your machine that may result in you getting keylogged, then being turned around to spam gold selling and hack sites that will draw in MORE users.

By restricting the infected players from logging in, they are protecting a plethora of OTHER players from becoming infected or compromised.

Keeping your account secure is your responsibility. They have determined that your computer and account are NOT secure, so they are taking action to prevent further harm to others.

Quite a responsible action for the business, if you ask me.

Now, as to the whole TOU not being legally binding... There have been 2 cases on the books that I was able to find about SHRINKWRAP EULAs. One threw out the EULA, in support of the consumer, but refused to make a judgement about ALL shrinkwrap EULAs. The other supported the EULA.

However, Blizzard doesn't USE a shrinkwrap EULA, as they have a 30 day return policy clearly defined IN their EULA. If you choose not to agree to the terms, you are able to return the product for a full refund.

Feel free to internet lolyer your way around some more. Understanding the concepts behind the laws certainly helps, however.

Playing WoW for charity: Interview with the WoWathon team {WoW}

Aug 4th 2009 8:39PM No, No they didn't.

GM's don't have the ability to AUTHORIZE account sharing. Nor are their "realm specific GM's" as the original information claimed.

Considering that Childs Play didn't put out a press release about this event (something they usually do) and Blizzard hasn't put out any releases about this event (which they also usually do before fund raisers) - It is clear that this is not an approved/supported/sponsored event.

Playing WoW for charity: Interview with the WoWathon team {WoW}

Aug 4th 2009 8:25PM And just a reminder to all... exchanging log in information or not... multiple people playing these characters IS account sharing, and is a bannable offense.

Thanks to for lending their support to this practice.

Spiritual Guidance: Are 2 Discipline Priests a problem? {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2009 7:19AM You might want to explain to your bear (and warrior) tanks, that damage absorbed by your shields are treated exactly the same as damage taken by the tank for purposes of rage generation now.

In addition, with Rapture, when a Shield is depleted, they gain an additional 8 rage.

That means that a shielded tank gains MORE rage than an unshielded tank.

Understanding these mechanics yourself so that you can explain them to old school tanks is part of your job as a discipline priest.

Spiritual Guidance: Are 2 Discipline Priests a problem? {WoW}

Jul 21st 2009 5:28PM Well that may be the case if you relegate your disc priest to raid healing. However, as a MT healer, there's just not enough time to be shielding 24 other players while keeping a MT up.

That said, there IS some downtime on a MT healer's rotation, and that time IS well spent shielding or tossing spot heals out and around the raid, or off tanks.

Spiritual Guidance: Are 2 Discipline Priests a problem? {WoW}

Jul 21st 2009 5:18PM Here's the key problem... if you're trying to land your normal rotation on a tank, Shield, Penance, Flash Heal... and you get stopped because your shield gets blocked... the downside is that you won't have your haste bonus for the penance.

Plus your timing is off now for your next shield on the tank, which means you either drop it on someone who is going to need it less, benefit from it less, or hold it for the first opportunity on the tank- which ultimately diminishes its value, if you can't use it as a haste kicker for your rotation, while dropping major healing on your target tank.

That is frustrating, since it ultimately diminishes the value you can bring to the raid.

A disc healers job isn't (and never will be) to top the healing charts. It IS to keep your tank buffed, armored and shielded, and be able to toss those fast heals from penance and flash heal to a tank immediately after he/she takes that spike damage and keep their health bar as stable as possible.