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Breakfast Topic: What prompted your class choice? {WoW}

Oct 30th 2010 8:58AM I chose the warrior class because its the first thing that popped up.

The Queue: Roll out {WoW}

Jun 25th 2010 4:18PM Fallout 3

Breakfast topic: Who inspired you to play what? {WoW}

Oct 3rd 2009 9:51AM Arthas inspired me to play a DK =)

The Queue: Simple things {WoW}

Aug 13th 2009 5:56PM Was the built in questhelper in 3.2? if so where can i turn it on? thx

The purpose of Achievements, and how it's changed over time {WoW}

Aug 13th 2009 4:58PM Personally i really like them, all excpet for the 'completed' dungeons and raid ones ofc..
Cause if youve just got a new 80 alt or not, its v hard to get a group, however i think the ones where its to say, kill a boss without getting debuffed are good.
The rest of them like exploration and quests completed are also very cool =)

What do you expect from a WoW movie? {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2009 3:06PM A swarm of gnomes bully a tauren to death.

What If We Lost: An argument for losing a major lore-based battle {WoW}

Jul 12th 2009 4:58PM Im not to sharp on Lore. But tirion and the Lich king 1 on 1 in a cool cinematic.. Then tirion dies!or someone important like jaina who tirion was protecting. So atlast the Lich King shows us hes a Uber badass again =D

TurpsterVision: TCG Loot and Huge Roosters {WoW}

Jul 1st 2009 2:48PM Bobs your uncle and chicken mount ftw

The end of vanilla WoW {WoW}

May 5th 2009 3:24PM Dont destroy vanilla WoW!

It maybe old and less well designed that northerend and TBC, but for me the time from lv 1-58 is learning my character, fighting ally (or horde) without a big bad boss watching over the world ( Arthas /Illidan) , and exploring azeroth and kalimor top to bottom. Such Fun !

p.s. i dnt think arthas and illidan are rubbish, they rock!

Not at BlizzCon? Enter to win a Tabard of Flame anyway {WoW}

Oct 10th 2008 2:42AM woop tabard of flame ftw