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Drama Mamas: It's not you - it's them {WoW}

Aug 7th 2009 2:40PM err, more like the ilvl 174 stuff... the 187 things are rewards for doing dungeons, but picking up those quests would still help you gear faster once you run those. but you get the idea.

also, add H CoS to that list, so long as you avoid mount runs.

the important thing is that you should have a plan, know where your gear is weak and know where to get upgrades for it.

Drama Mamas: It's not you - it's them {WoW}

Aug 7th 2009 2:32PM this is kinda the reason there have been so many "hi longtime reader first time poster, here's my armory, help me play better" posts in elitistjerks these days. frankly, it's really obnoxious to barge into a discussion asking a question that was answered a few pages ago, or on the first page of a post. do your own work. there's this whole mentality of "EJ will make you a good player," but you still have to be smart about how you do your research. same applies to tankspot and AJ, honestly.

alright, vent over.

to the subject at hand. just google " ~pre-heroic gear" and " ~pre-raid gear". should be a thread on EJ or the class forums or wherever for each of those.

even easier is to just use here's an example i threw together for enhancement shamans and hunters:;maxrl=80;cr=18:77;crs=3:1;crv=0:0 browse items->armor->. click "add a filter," and select "obtainable by a quest." you can restrict the required level to 75-80, and then add another filter to sort out the particular type of gear you need. spell power > 0 if you're a caster, attack power > 0 if you're melee. sort it by item level, and pick up all the ilvl 187 ones, loot that's on par with heroic drops, by doing the quest chains. do the argent tourney dailies every day and you'll be able to pick up a cool looking ilvl 200 weapon.

also, try to stick to the easier heroics as you're first doing them: H VH, H Gun'drak, H UK. be religious about sneaking into H ToC and ToC normal every day(there are tons of overgeared groups running normal 5 times in a row). read the wowwiki articles for each boss in the instance (or watch videos on youtube), and don't wipe the group. you don't have to be geared to be pro, and these habits will make you a good raider as well.

i definitely feel your pain: i dinged 80 about a month after everyone else and geared up as a tank. i can't tell you how many people took one look at my stam and dropped group right away. don't let people get to you. it's a difficult period, but pursue the solo gearing opportunities, tough it out, and in a week you'll be just fine.

Reader UI of the Week: Twigleaf's healer UI {WoW}

Jun 21st 2009 6:23PM great UI. i like the placement of grid-- most UIs that have this look usually put the minimap there, which seems a little central for something you don't always immediately need access to in the middle of a raid.

i agree with eliah though: i had the same problem with scrolling combat text blocking out my character. i'm a MT and with all the incoming heals and damage, it made it difficult to see void zones and mimiron rockets on my character. the addon Parrot solves this problem by separating incoming, outgoing, and buffs/debuffs into three different areas, to the left, right, and above your character respectively. pretty great fix for that problem.

SK Gaming wins MLG Columbus {WoW}

Jun 8th 2009 2:16PM zach: actually commenting at the post author, but perhaps that's you. to respond though: sure, they did commit errors (the bubble being the biggest one, too late and then too early), but my point still stands. there were also excellent death grips, excellent positioning, judgments, and well-timed stuns. there were plenty of matches that lasted after gargoyle/BM were down. the bottom line is that eMG has been put under a lot of scrutiny by the community (new team, new comp) and just editorializing them as "faceroll" in passing while reporting on the scores of the tournament seems unfair to them. that's really all i'm saying. let's try and avoid the old bloggers/neutrality/journalism argument though.

RMP is great. it's a playstyle that requires a lot of coordination, target swaps, CC, the works. it's also lame that it's pretty much the only combo that's seen consistent success. i'm talking about in general here, of course there are exceptions (yes, there are glads of all classes), but by and large when you hear about a team winning a WoW tourny it's going to be an RMP. i'm glad to see a team and comp that can beat it, and i'm also glad to see an RMP team that can in turn beat that.

GC has some interesting words about this in the forums (check out his first and last posts):

as to the clicking vs. binding, it was more face-in-palm than tongue-in-cheek (near the bottom):

this was an interview question throughout all of TBC as well. The Colosseum articles have gotten much better of late, now that it's an interview and not a form letter.

SK Gaming wins MLG Columbus {WoW}

Jun 8th 2009 3:04AM lots of extreme statements all around here...

zach: if you had actually watched the matches, you would realize that eMG had plenty of skill, and won several matches well after their initial BMBUBBLEFREEDOMLOL had worn off. labeling it as "faceroll" is pretty big talk from a site that until only recently seriously asked top-rated arena players if they preferred to bind their keys or click in its arena column.

saintstryfe: since the dawn of time, people have been complaining about things ruining WoW. whether it's wellfare epics, PvE content that's actually accessible, or PvP vs. PvE balance, the list is endless. guess what: whatever nerf or buff makes you upset makes someone else's day. that's just the nature of the beast. with a game as large as WoW, involving so many people, everyone's going to want to know who's the best, in high-end raiding or PvP. WoW will always be an eSport, and people will always go full bore for world firsts.

the whole point of WoW is that it offers so many different gameplay options. whining about something that a third of the player base cares about is silly. quit the game or get over it, PvP isn't going away.

Win a year of Curse's premium service {WoW}

May 12th 2009 12:33PM my life for auir

WoW Insider's Loot-idays: Day five {WoW}

Dec 26th 2008 8:34PM /roll