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World of Warcraft's patch 4.3 to be last major update until Mists of Pandaria {Massively}

Jan 18th 2012 5:27PM @(Unverified)
"You're assuming everyone has cleared all the current content and is sitting around with nothing to do"

But we have?

Looking for raid tool is enough for casual player to clear content. They dont need normal mode gear because they already run LFR.

Normal mode is enough for semi-casual player to clear content. They dont need normal mode gear in a way if they arent going to heroic modes, which LOT OF guilds dont because they dont want or are simply not able.

They already cleared content and seen and felt it. Whats the point on farming END TIER content because gear will become useless the moment you step into pandaria?

Gear - useless because end tier.
Progress - normal modes were cleared in few weeks even by "slow guilds" who took months to take down T11 and T12 end boss.. Useless to progress because heroics are too huge wall to some guilds unless they nerf em.
Have fun with guild? - Thats only reason to stay unless you are progressing heroic modes.
But you can just make your guildies play free games or something else and save 180 dollars that you would spend on one raid...

Blue Posts and Other WoW News: The endgame is king, and face the blues in rated BGs {WoW}

Jan 14th 2012 7:06AM I think its bit stretch to say that "well you dont outlevel zones if you are not in guild, dont do pvp or dungeons or have any other xp boosts". heirlooms and RFA are ofc something thats ok but I mean come on.
Starting player surely wants to do dungeons and pvp while leveling and I think 1-60 times doing dungeons or pvp is bit too extreme and starting players are most of the time guilded too.

Blue Posts and Other WoW News: The endgame is king, and face the blues in rated BGs {WoW}

Jan 13th 2012 10:51PM Well how should I put reply to the first one..

Theres few problems with the speed of leveling 1-60

One of the obvious ones and what has been said since start of cata. Outleveling zones.
You could go to zone, do all he quests in there till you get achievement for it and be outleveling the zone so that some mobs are gree, some grey. Thats on big zones usually.

Now on worst case scenario, if you want to do that zone for story etc and do only few instances in between you would outlevel not only the current zone but the next one as well! It just feels absurd to me.
I mean who starting player wouldnt want to step into pvp or dungeons while leveling?

I think they should slow down 1-60 but keep 60-85 at the rate its now.
For new players 60-85 might be reasonable speed as the expansions are just leveling zones and BC and wotlk dont have those "ultimate end goals". Also keeps us vets much more at peace.

Speaking of WOTLK leveling. WHY is Utgarde keep the ONLY random dungeon you get from 68 to 75..? I mean by the time you get more the whole random pool even skips Azjol nerub after 1 level if I remember correctly?! Sure you can seperate queue for AN but not many do it so the wait would take hours.

Ehem, rant over.

Breakfast Topic: Have transmogrification limits stymied your character's look? {WoW}

Dec 18th 2011 8:07PM That set looks actually very clothy. I know few cloth pieces that look exactly like that..I wonder how is that mail tho. Looks good.

I was thinking more of this however for my hunter:
("swashbuckler" leather gear or blue version "glyphed" set and some quest items those that want to know)

I'm very into outfits and got both bank, bags(with biggest bags) and void storage full of gear to transmog. But sadly the gear restrictions make half of em useless for my hunter :(
My hunter looks currently like this tho:;50966

I quite like it myself.

Breakfast Topic: Have transmogrification limits stymied your character's look? {WoW}

Dec 18th 2011 8:34AM Yes.

On my hunter I would love to use leather gear. It feels more natural to wear it as hunter..well some reason is also that my hunter is on RP server and uses leather gear as uniform.

But on my main I use cloth so I've always been stuck at cloth anyway. I would love to use leather eyepatches too, but there might be work arounds that. Engineer goggles look good too etc.

But yes the weapon rules are bit annoying. I'm stuck with staff this tier because theres only ONE offhand and thats from TRASH so 1h+offhand is pretty much no go. Not to mention the only 1h seems to be dagger in Dragon soul.

5 things WoW could learn from Star Wars: The Old Republic {WoW}

Dec 14th 2011 10:14AM This is pretty common argument against SWTOR and voice acting a like.

However while swtor might have similar lengths on the starting intros of the instances there is major difference.

YOU are part of it. YOU can potentially change whole layout of instance and get different boss (im assuming they have shared loot with other possible bosses) and change the story of the instance.

When you are part of the experience it becomes so much more fun so you dont even realise you just spend 2 minutes of cutscenes.
Besides you can skip the talking with spacebar. Its MUCH more immersive than sitting on instance waiting 2 minutes for "oh noes they are zombies lets kill them" where you cant do anything about.

Lets take example how it could've go in wow setting swtor style. Keep in mind that this is example and same type of rules apply as I said can skip these if you wish to.

You arrive to start of instance and talk to Elite guard of Arthas asking you to not go further as you are potential infected. Lets say this man is further away from the group of people arthas leads..
*One member tries to talk things over with the guard and that they have just arrived etc. Guard agrees to this and lets you thro. Guard might even (pretend to) help you on first boss.
*One member is impatient and shady and tries to bribe the guard to let them pass. Guard might agree to this and you could get consciences later on in the instance by calling you out.
*One member is impatient and thinks the guard might be risking the operation. This member decides to kill the man and hide hes body on the bushes. Later on the guard might be turned into undead boss instead of getting boss X..

You arrive at gates of stratholme and talk to arthas.
Arthas says the city must be cleansed with light and that is the only way of doing so.
*One member in your party agrees and wants a lot of "gold and fame" to which Arthas could potentially reply "You shall have all the fame of lordearon by your side soldier"
*One member is disgusted by the fact and tries to convice Arthas to stop this and is agreeing with luther that its madness. To which Arthas could order you to do as he says as prince and future king.
*One member is total mercenary and agrees to kill any threat even if they are alive or undead. To which Arthas responds "I will deal with the infected you slay the undead".

btw the way system works in TOR in group convos members pick their choice and they roll who gets to answer with that answer.

I know thats not the best example but my point and TL;DR is that when YOU are part of the cutscenes and you can affect the dialogue and the story it becomes much much more enjoyable. Balance funds World of Warcraft game time {WoW}

Dec 9th 2011 7:29PM Basically yes and basically not.

It was said that you can use it on "blizzard products" on store..with not much details after that, maybe few "pets and some games" around internet. So there was never direct saying "yeah game time too" just "products".

Depending on "deposit fee" there is possibility that some people might end up spending that 15 dollars month on real money AH purely thro deposit fees anyway. Some might sell one item for 15 dollars and never use it for month.

The Queue: Get angry! Get mad! {WoW}

Dec 7th 2011 12:55PM Recently I had blatant abusers on LFR who literally went afk middle of boss just autoattacking it. If boss moved you could just see them stand there for 5 minutes on the "target too far away" melee stance.
Why is this allowed and even worse, rewarded!?

Would you personally add some sort of point system that other games have and then give maybe extra loot that will be available for rolls to people with certain amount of points? Like complicated system not just based on dps.
Would you think something like that would encourage good play or would people go uproar that they are not getting all the loot that drops?

Blizzard issues official statement on Raid Finder exploit consequences {WoW}

Dec 6th 2011 5:01PM @Angrycelt

Show me proof and info on what occasions Paragon has exploited the game.
No, even if its popular belief stacking druids to beat encounter is not exploiting.
World first Anub? No exploits here.
World first Lich king hc? No exploits here.
World first Al'akir? Making ~7 raiders stand to the side is not exploit.
World first Sinestra? Nope and nope. Nefarian? No sir, 11 druids is no exploit. Cho'gall? Nope. World first Ragnaros? Nope, using trinket that procs when target is low health is no exploit.

They might be week late on the race but (sad) truth is, the top guilds that got banned are one of the few capable of doing world firsts. If heroic deathwing can be done in less than week then there is something wrong here..
Besides Im sure there will be ton of ways to stalk people who do madness heroic. Logs, armory..forums..there will be people who talk about it.

Nothing prevents them to level to 85 run heroic firelands, 5mans, LFR (properly) and normal DS. That all can be done in less than weeks time and bam they are back at race.

Paragon: We're sorry we cheated {WoW}

Dec 6th 2011 4:46PM "I'm glad they apologised, but applauding cheaters for apologising? You're supposed to apologise when you do something wrong, you don't get cookies for that."

But we live internet age. They could've very well raged to blizzard..but they didnt.

Considering that on most exploit accidents (not naming any names so bombs wont drop) the official statements for bans and such have been generally mixed.
On one accident, some members that got banned started to rage hard with things like "Blizzard cant test their own games, how can we get banned for stuff we didnt even know was possible." etc etc. In general theres been lot of rage.

Anyone remember when certain guild exploited game files to skip C'THUN trash because "they were too good to waste time for it"?

Giving apology is good in this case when it could've been worse..