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Nihilum Plasma wins WoW Arena Tournament {WoW}

Oct 13th 2008 7:14AM Masters of TBC is an over statement. If you were there you would have known that the last round was won only because of RNG or it would have been 3-2 SQ.

Nihilums druid was at 30% and resisted cyclone. If it landed it would have been followed by a DC, fear, stun, spell lock and death. However, even if SQ won the first set I'm not sure if they would have won the second as Nihilum adapted very quickly and SQ was quick to counter on the final round. Pretty upsetting to see RNG effect a finals match.

Ontop of all that it's sad to see 5 of the 8 teams use the same WLD setup. Goes to show how unprofessional and balanced Arena is. Hopefully 3.0 will change things up.

Wojo is beast.

- Xorg