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Joyswag: Custom 'Comic Jumper' Xbox 360 [update] {Joystiq}

Sep 23rd 2010 1:50PM It'd have to be Balthier from Final Fantasy XII for me. So dreamy. :)

Breakfast topic: How far is your guild in Icecrown Citadel? {WoW}

Feb 3rd 2010 6:13PM Our 10-person group is working on Blood Queen; we should have her down soon. ICC 10 seems to be just at the right difficulty level for us. We definitely had to work for Rotface and Putricide, but nothing so far has felt like an impenetrable wall. Dual spec is important for a group running primarily 10's (rather than a bunch of 25ers using it for badges and practice). Swapping around the number of tanks and healers has been crucial to some of our victories, because the tuning is pretty tight for people who aren't overgeared.

Upcoming class and item balance changes {WoW}

Jan 7th 2010 10:59PM Ha, maybe we combat rogues do that in Heroics that we vastly overgear, but who doesn't run in, AoE, and collect loot in Heroics that they vastly overgear? I assure you that when I'm raiding ICC I work just as hard as any other DPS class to maximize my DPS and my utility.

Do I wish that more of my DPS were based on how well I play my class than on my ability to juggle stats according to the latest spreadsheet? Yes, and I'm hoping they will work on that in Cataclysm. In the meantime, I'm working on improving my skills, maximizing my rotations, and adding utility wherever I can. Just because some people play combat rogues like doofuses doesn't mean we all do, and the same can be said for any class/spec that's currently getting hate because Blizz overtuned them. Just remember that when the OP crown falls on you.

Encrypted Text: Knowing your stats {WoW}

Jan 6th 2010 3:38PM @Hendrata, yes, it's a huge pain if you want to stay competitive as a rogue. Even minor changes to the class such as found in the 3.3 patch can drastically change things, and if you're not paying attention and keeping up you'll find yourself falling behind the other DPS in your raids.

I'm annoyed that right now my DPS seems to depend more on the things I do outside of the fight (gear selection, talent tweaks, glyph tweaks, using the current most effective poisons, etc.) than it does on the things I actually do during the fight. I want to be valued as a rogue because I play my class well, not because I pored over various websites after the latest patch and stuck my numbers into a spreadsheet because the numbers for good performance have become so convoluted.

First impressions: Icecrown Citadel raid and 5-mans {WoW}

Dec 11th 2009 2:17PM Raids these days are much more accessible than they used to be. No, you're probably not going to be able to PUG your way through it at first, but there's no reason not to run ICC if you actually want to. I've got a lovely group of 10 adults that runs through all the Northrend instances together, 6 hours total a week. We're in different guilds but met through a community for mature players on my server. Our loot system is need onspec, greed offspec. Yeah, we use Vent, but it's not obnoxious vent with idiots playing metal music or whatever the kids do these days. Those 6 hours a week have gotten us up to Algalon and Heroic Anub at this point, and we cleared ICC on normal with ease.

Another group of friends that is even more casual has finished everything on normal mode right on time to go into ICC with their 6 hours a week. And this is despite having started a new raid in Naxx about the time that Ulduar came out, thus being behind the instancing curve for a while. And not all of them use Vent... they work with it. All it takes really is a group of people with similar playstyles who decide to get together for a set x number of hours a week and learn the encounters.

First impressions: Icecrown Citadel raid and 5-mans {WoW}

Dec 11th 2009 2:07PM If they nerf the encounter, though, they'll also need to nerf the alcoves that you can use to LOS everything into a corner. I'm not going to complain either way, being overgeared for the place, but it's really super easy if you use that strat.

First impressions: Icecrown Citadel raid and 5-mans {WoW}

Dec 11th 2009 2:04PM Yeah, ICC 10 isn't too difficult for our 10-person group, mostly because we've been running Heroic ToC 10 and have a lot of 245 gear. We were expecting the real challenge to come from the heroic boss fights, anyway.

Gender differences in armor {WoW}

Dec 6th 2009 5:21PM This is exactly why my husband plays mostly female characters. He's a skinny guy himself, and he doesn't like the musclebound male avatars. Heck, the art team even felt they had to stick steroids into the chests of the male blood elves, causing the model to look hilariously out of balance.

In some ways, the female WoW characters have more realistic bodies than the male characters, humans in particular.

Gender differences in armor {WoW}

Dec 6th 2009 3:16PM The way female characters dress definitely changes the way that others react to them. (I can't speak for whether this is true of male characters, since I don't play any.) I've seen it myself with my three main characters. I'm a casual role-player, so I've assigned them all different personalities and fashion preferences.

My main character, a night elf rogue, isn't interested in being sexy or being sexualized by others. She prefers to dress in men's-style clothing and always covers up thoroughly. Her haircut is tomboyish, as well. When I'm out in the world solo, people tend to treat her like they treat anybody else. She doesn't get /flirts from people I don't know. The only people who have ever messaged me while I was playing her to tell her she was sexy or hot were other female players. Male players often assume that I'm a man or call me "he" even though my female night elf is standing in front of them.

My other two main characters are casters. The human mage has long hair, wears robes all the time, and doesn't mind showing some skin. As soon as I hit Westfall with her, I noticed a difference in the way she was treated. Male characters would come to her "rescue" and try to help her kill mobs, even if she was at 100% health and having no problems. She is frequently /flirted with, especially by Horde for some odd reason. The night elf druid has a cute ponytail, a sweet facial expression, and often shows skin. The more "sexy" or "feminine" her outfit is at the time, the more likely I am to get actual whispers from men who are trying to determine whether I'm female in real life. She's gotten a few unbidden gifts as well, the only time I've experienced that kind of treatment in WoW.

All of these exchanges have happened with no encouragement on my part. I don't outwardly RP when I'm running around the world. I'm just doing my usual thing, doing quests, gathering herbs, whatever. The only reason for people to treat these characters differently is the difference in their appearance.

I find it particularly amusing that people assume my more tomboyish character is male in real life and that my two more "feminine"-looking characters might be played by a woman (especially the druid, until they find out she's a moonkin rather than a tree :-p). In my experience, the way a character dresses has absolutely no correlation to the real life gender of the player. Regardless of real life gender, some people prefer that their female characters look "sexy" and others prefer to blend into the background.

Overall, I'm very glad that WoW gave us the option to wear shirts under our armour. It'd be nice if we could have pants on under there, too, for the occasional awful awful chainmail bikini pants. It really is all about options, and about respecing that your playerbase is full of different people with different preferences and opinions.