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Encrypted Text: The logic behind Rogue axioms {WoW}

Apr 29th 2009 11:20AM Thx chase, It's nice to finially know know all the ins and outs of weapons and poisons after 3.1. Great articial.

Analysis of stated 3.1 rogue changes {WoW}

Feb 5th 2009 11:22AM Thx for the comment and this is very true but with hfb you are getting the extra 9% damage. by making it only available when a bleed is in affect means u are missing this extra damage. (this is the whole point of hfb the extra damage accross ALL attacks).

Analysis of stated 3.1 rogue changes {WoW}

Feb 5th 2009 5:00AM The change to HFB is a problem for us because although we get more damage(which is a great thing and needed) it's conditional on having a bleed affecting the target be it by us or anyone else.
At the moment we are not too far behind on boss targets, our problem is the aoeing trash that is going on. This makes HFB a huge nerf to our damage on trash that is dieing too quickly and is where we can't keep up with other dps classes.
The notes look good for combat getting some needed buffs but for us Ass rogues this is a lvling and trash dps nightmare.

Enter to celebrate patch 3.0.2 with a Paper Airplane from WoW Insider {WoW}

Oct 14th 2008 12:31PM i will look stupidly at all the awesome talents available and then cry cause i can't get them all in one build. wahhhhhhhhhhhhh.