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Email confirmation added to authenticator setup to foil hackers {WoW}

Jul 28th 2010 1:41PM Finally! This is good news.

When I added an authenticator a few months ago I was baffled by the fact that no confirmation was sent to my email address to approve the authenticator.

I even sent -- as probably many others did -- an email to blizz warning about this reeeeally serious security issue...

I'm sure a lot of hacking would have been prevented if only the legitimate account owners had a chance to deny the authenticator -- which would also tip then of their account being hacked.

Breakfast Topic: Speculation on the Cataclysm cinematic {WoW}

May 19th 2010 1:00AM Well, I hope it *doesn't* have a narrator woman, it has already been done too many times over. I also hope it *doesn't* have no effing Deathwing monologue also. Illidan already did it, and *that* narration is so damn good that any other attempt at it would seem pale in comparison. In fact, I hope there's no narration at all (even though I must say that I realy liked King Terenas monologue).

Maybe I got everything wrong, but I actually like the Azerothian world map with the spinning maelstrom in the middle, though.

It could slowly zoom in as we hear sounds of battle, and then cut to Onyxia's terrified look, struggling for her life, fighting the raid of hordies that dared enter her cave, eager to take her down.

Then, from among the crowd of enemies jumps out a female tauren ret paladin, her screaming battle cry growing louder as she rises up in the air, her two handed sword shining for the critical strike that would then behead the dragon...

the scene could then cut to a raid inside BWL, the camera circling around a priest gnome preparing to cast Holy Fire on a gigantic Lord Nefarian, when he then turns into his dragon aspect and burns down the first line of enemies (including the gnome priest, who would explode in a smaller ball of fire and a faint "e-heh!").

Cut for the camera flying fast over Searing Gorge, the Blackrock mountains taking over the horizon before us and we see a cloud of winged creatures surrounding it, seeming vultures flying around a dead body. When the camera catches up with then we realize its alliance and horde fighters on their flying mounts, diving for battle for the final demise of the dragon lord (a menacing goblin death knight may pass us by, diving fast in a flying rocket towards the mountain heart).

Cut to another glimpse of the maelstrom filling the screen, and then we see the radiant Stormwind sunrise, the bells calling for battle, weapons being forged, adventurers running for their flying mounts and taking to the skies.

Cut to Garrosh against the burning sunset in Orgrimmar, urging all to follow him, and the red skies being taken by a flying army.

The spinning maelstrom then burns into a circle of fire, and fades into fire inside Deathwing eyes, which then turn into impenetrable black.

He is in the middle of a desert, still in his human aspect, his face pale and anguished. He is a mourning father and he wants revenge. Around him, we see the Azerothian armies -- both by land and sky -- closing in.

He shouts out a fiersome scream, and his body explodes into his dragon aspect. The huge explosion takes everything -- and everyone -- down into flames.

Cut. We see the explosion from afar, from behind a closed, huge, ancient, wooden gate. The gate trembles. Cut to a flash of Deathwing fury, and then the gate shakes more intensely. Another flash of Deathwing destruction and then the gate crashes loudly.

And then, silence.

From behind the broken remains of the gate, something is coming. An indistinct shape, at first, obscured by the fog, a wolf like creature stops, smells the air, and growls to the sky. More like him come out, we can barely devise then. And then the wolf creature seems to notice us. The worgen roars terrifyingly and suddenly bursts out in all fours in our direction and smashes the camera.


Help! My account has been hacked! {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2010 1:04PM This article was paramount for me to acquiring an authenticator.

I had a terrible experience before with authenticators, mostly with the ones supplied by my bank account, where their batteries tended to run out of power in the most crucial momments. Besides, living in Brasil was an extra impedimment, becaused the item would be treated an imported product, with all kinds of related issues. Therefore, I was extra carefull with my login info so I wouldn't need the authenticator (or so I thought).

But the fact that the account thieves out there are themselves associating an authenticator with your stolen account (instead of just changing the password as it used to be) and the fact that the phishing sites resembling the Wow Armory are *incredibly* accurate, well that all really freaked me out.

Next time I saw, I was already in the authenticator buying page and, to my surprise, they had one for my cheepo mobile (a mere $ 0.99 -- the authenticator, not the mobile =))), so I got me one of those.

One security issue I saw, though, is that Blizzard **doesn't** send you an email when your account becomes associated to the authenticator. Since it does send a warning email when your password is changed, I'd expect associating the authenticator would issue a similar warning too.

Thanks for the article.

Enter to celebrate patch 3.0.2 with a Paper Airplane from WoW Insider {WoW}

Oct 14th 2008 1:03PM After setting up my talents I will -- as a Ret pally -- LFG to any heroic! =)))