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The Queue: Nobody likes a braggart {WoW}

Aug 28th 2011 4:08PM Auctioneer. Sort, not filter.

The Queue: Nobody likes a braggart {WoW}

Aug 28th 2011 4:00PM I've never had that problem. I try not to say much, but when I'm sure I can offer something helpful, I do it as tactfully as possible. The responses range from thanks, to silence, to defense of the player's chosen style. Regardless, I've never had someone flip out and drop group.

Gold Capped: Epic gems must be in patch 4.3 {WoW}

Aug 26th 2011 3:28PM I've been hoarding tokens since the beginning; I only bought Bold, Brilliant, and Delicate patterns and one or two others friends asked for. Also, I started stockpiling Pyrite Ore a few weeks ago. On my server it normally sells for around 10g each, I buy anything under 8.50. My strategy is based on several assumptions, but I think they're all well-founded. If all goes as I expect it will, I stand to make an unbelievably huge profit.

The Queue: 2 companion pets to go {WoW}

Aug 24th 2011 10:08PM I'm down with bringing attention to Alan Rickman. He does indeed deserve recognition for capturing the essence of a ridiculously complex and very subtly nuanced character.

However, Hermione is (rightfully) shut down as a know-it-all because she often provides information no one asks for or cares about. Grokmar politely provided information that was both relevant and specifically requested, thus very helpful.

Your quote is great, it's just not relevant.

The Queue: 2 companion pets to go {WoW}

Aug 24th 2011 3:38PM Oh, come on! What the balls do you have to do to get a reply to work? 99 times out of 100, it's fine. When I reply to a comment about my own reply fail...

The Queue: 2 companion pets to go {WoW}

Aug 24th 2011 3:33PM It was obvious to me and probably everyone else who reads the site that your comment was a Harry Potter allusion. Just because a reference is obvious doesn't make it applicable.

Your comment comes across as unnecessarily douchical. The OP was just trying to be helpful and did it in a polite way; he doesn't need hecklers.

And yes, it was supposed to be a reply to the first post.

The Queue: 2 companion pets to go {WoW}

Aug 24th 2011 1:43PM "Nobody likes a know-it-all."

Yeah, especially not in a column... specifically devoted to... people seeking information...


The Queue: Purple is perfection {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2011 9:13PM A "full black" cloth set? You know, posing as a mage so that no one finds out you're an emo lock is a bannable offense. And a burnable offense.

The Queue: Purple is perfection {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2011 9:10PM My main is a fire mage. I haven't rum a single ZA where I DIDN'T pull aggro on dragon hawks, before or after the threat change. It's less of an issue but threat will never completely disappear as a tanking skill. Not much I can do for a tank who refuses to consecrate/ DnD/ thunderclap/ swipe once in a while.

The Queue: O____O {WoW}

Aug 20th 2011 1:46PM Because there is no Night Elf child model. Should've changed the skin, but I think they figured it would be hard enough to tell with the transparent, shades of the past effect.