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12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: The Guild Season 4 DVDs {WoW}

Dec 18th 2011 11:28AM Free stuff


The Queue: Is there golf in Azeroth? {WoW}

Nov 8th 2011 12:51PM 2000 era Gangster Rap Group

Ante Up

The Queue: Is there golf in Azeroth? {WoW}

Nov 8th 2011 11:21AM Question for the Queue

How long do you think it will be before we see a Wow Parody of a MASH OUT POSSE Song with Pandas?

Encrypted Text: Finesse in PVP {WoW}

Sep 7th 2011 5:03PM It may have just been this last week, not running with my reg 2s Partner, but i kept getting into 1v1 situations in arena. A couple of em were with a DK so it def worked out well.

Encrypted Text: Finesse in PVP {WoW}

Sep 7th 2011 2:40PM

Necessary, if only for the Extra Dismantle. An Extra Smoke bomb helps for dealing with pesky healers, but the extra Dismantle is super handy. Most DKs out there (i've run into that is) still runeforge in PVP so no weapon chain. 16 seconds of no Death Strikes definitely helps with their Self Healing. Warriors and Pallys also fall prey to my Dismantle.

I'm Currently running a Survival/Hemo build with Imp Recup and Quickening, so the Self Healing from Recup is pretty influential.

Gold Capped: How to make money while leveling {WoW}

Jul 11th 2011 3:34PM Also, low level Darkmoon Cards for Ach Junkies. I've been Working on the Insane in the Membrane ach and routinely buy low level Herbs, Decks, and Cards to make rogue decks assuming the price is right