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Raid Rx: 7 pet peeves of healers {WoW}

Jan 21st 2011 12:43PM #1 and #2 are conditioning.

We've been conditioned to "not" stand in circles on the ground unless specifically told to (i.e. Malygos fight). I had to ask my wife (Priest) what the hell those circles on the ground were when the expansion first dropped. Understand that even though the expansion has been out two months (OMG TWO MONTHS!!!) that there are people who are still conditioned to never stand in anything that is on the ground.

As far as lightwell goes: It's always been a great spell. Now that you don't have to be standing in it naked to use it, it's very helpful. Don't be afraid to gently remind the tank/dps that they don't have to be standing in it to use it.

Naoki Yoshida talks upcoming changes to Final Fantasy XIV {Massively}

Jan 21st 2011 12:38PM Well, I can't launch the game without disabling one of my graphics cards. Write in some CrossFire support (and improve performance overall) and we'll talk.

Blizzard plays nice with World of StarCraft modder {Massively}

Jan 21st 2011 12:36PM @KvanCetre Standard procedure or not, it's implied by the take down notice that development should cease. You said yourself that most modders are lucky to even be noticed by the large studios. Remember a little mod called Counter-Strike? Valve ended up buying the rights to it and exploited it (remember - exploit isn't necessarily a bad word), giving us what we have today.

It's interesting to note that until Riot Games extended this public offer of an opportunity that ActiBlizz had no public comment on the matter. Once the flames of "teh internets" began to burn, Riot jumps on this matter and now, saving face, ActiBlizz extends a slimy hand of friendship.

This is pure speculation, but I'd expect that the modding tools used have some clause indicating that anything created is the property of ActiBlizz, etc, etc. So, they'll play nice, take what he's made and exploit it. At least Riot is willing to give him a shot.

Blizzard plays nice with World of StarCraft modder {Massively}

Jan 21st 2011 10:35AM Way to backpedal following public backlash ActiBlizz.

The Daily Grind: Would you play on a progression server? {Massively}

Jan 17th 2011 9:57AM I'd like to see some WoW Progression based servers that require server events to trigger advancement. However, it would just turn into another race of server firsts. It'd be fun for the first month until a super-guild powerleveled through it, just to get unique titles, etc so they can transfer the toons off that server to the server with their mains.

Blizzard working on ways to improve dungeon finder {WoW}

Jan 5th 2011 1:35PM That's a great idea, but defeats the purpose of the Dungeon Finder. You don't have enough in a group to run what you want to run, so you queue up looking for people willing to run what you want to run, or those that don't care.

Blizzard working on ways to improve dungeon finder {WoW}

Jan 5th 2011 1:34PM They would have to be careful with something like this. Do you really want something akin to the Wii's Super Guide? Too much hand-holding is a bad thing. People will never learn unless they fail in the beginning OR have quality guidance teaching them. Not everyone has that guidance available, so they are forced to learn through failure.

"We would love to implement better ways for Dungeon Finder to detect if players know what they're doing in dungeons beyond just the gear they've accumulated. We have some long-term design goals in mind for this we're not quite prepared to share this early on though. ;)"

Have it detect for achievements as well? However, do you really want to group up people who know what they're doing and leave those that need a little help stuck in a group full of retards. There are people that just don't care ("I have enough gold to repair, so I don't care if I die") and those that honestly don't know what the heck is going on the first time they zone in to a dungeon (which was EVERYONE at some point).

"Sort of. One flaw with the current system, is if players fail in a pick-up group, they aren't told why they failed. People then tend to play the blame game, often directing malice at the healer(s).

So while I'm speaking more about class roles, I think the idea still lends itself to your question. It'd be helpful to get more information than just through trial and error. Groups could benefit if they knew they didn't wipe because the healer didn't manage mana well enough, but because the DPS wasn't high enough, or boss adds weren't properly rounded up, etc."

Here's an idea. Speak to them. Use the in-game voice chat. I use a macro that lays out what's going on that I spam at the beginning of a run (when I'm a tank). It says what the icons mean (to me) and what I expect. I keep it very generic (Skull is what I want to die first, X second, etc) then tailor specifics based off of what I got in the LFD. Communication is key in pretty much everything. Don't get angry at a person because you failed to communicate your expectations. THEN, if they still won't get with the program, do the kick. In the reason, don't be snarky - just say why you wanted them gone. "Refused to CC", "Ignorant of Threat", "Drain on healer mana", "Unfamiliar with the fight" -whatever.

Education is the first step to success. People can't know what they need to fix if all they are told is that they suck. This is how we lose good people to crappy games.