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Blood Sport: Rank 1 gladiator PvP secrets {WoW}

Oct 5th 2010 11:18PM Thanks for your comments! In response to Clundgren I have to say that I totally agree with you. Odds are my arena partners will not be reading this (it shows) so I'll be straightforward in saying that they have been very bad overall this season. For my 3v3 team my hunter will not switch to a pvp spec, and when asked she claims marks is the best route to take. (She is PVE marks. What the crap??) So... that explains my 3's problem. As for my 2v2 partner it's simple. Bad gameplay.

I'm trying to stay hopeful that next season will get better with a more dedicated team. Again, thanks for your response and any other comments would be very helpful. Thanks again - Saga

Blood Sport: Rank 1 gladiator PvP secrets {WoW}

Oct 5th 2010 11:33AM I have 3 level 80's (Warlock, Hunter, Paladin) and have been PvPing extensively the last 3 arena seasons. This season I am healing as a PvP Paladin. You can look him up on wowarmory. His name is Sagarrick. :

I have a PvE shield and weapon on Saga and my arena teams are stuck at around the 1200 mark. Next season I am finding new partners.

I wonder, could my final gear choices have influenced our performance. I HATE having to RAID to get PVE gear in order to get better PVP gear (Like my shield and sword.. ... etc). So in cataclysm I hope that those who want to strictly pvp can do just that! What is your thoughts on this issue now, and in cataclysm? Also, do you think I should re-roll a new class with a better success rate or history in PvPing? (Such as a disc priest)?

Endpoint, Paladin healing is Tier 2 in my opinion. It is not top of the line PvP healing. It has limited offensive spells in pvp, cannot dispel, is easily cc, and overall is lacking in areas where the other 3 healing classes are fine. What is your thoughts on rerolling in this situation, or Paladin PvP healing in general?

Patch 3.0.2 primer for Warlocks part II {WoW}

Oct 14th 2008 9:46PM I'm still waiting on Arygos to come up with great anticipation for the new patch. Meanwhile, I figured I'd drop in and add some of my thoughts on Demonology.

I've been playing WoW awhile now and have three level 70's:

-Zelen (Warrior)
-Zeladin (Paladin)
- Parissa (Warlock), my newest

While I have went in and maxed all my professions on zelen, my main, I am seriously considering taking the path of the dark side and pouring all my efforts into my Warlock. With that said, I have read every bit of lock information I can find! Your alls comments are greatly appreciated!

Demonology. I tested several builds after hitting 70 and found 2 things of interest:

1) Destruction was leading raids if geared
2) Affliction fell behind, but to me was complicated and all the dot dot dot dot dot dot - ing was tiresome and I lost dps because I am not too great at keeping up with what dots are running (yes, I used Dotimer).

So what? I tried a 7/43/11 Demonology build and guess what: I LOVED IT.

Why? It had 3 dots CoA, Corruption, Immolate and then wand or Shadow Bolt Spam. That made life easy for me, I really enjoyed it.

So I'm looking forward to the utility and ease of what this patch has to offer and I hope it's similiar to my most recent experience with Demonology.

Currently tonight I'm looking at:

In PvP I don't believe I need Demonic Pact as it is more raid specific so I ditched the five points there for five into an instant cast corruption. Yes, I like to PvP and raid both, but when raiding I can only assume respeccing will be a probability.

The build posted is more PvP / Soloing intended, and thus Improved Healthstone, Demonic Resilience, etc.

I'm anxious to his some demon form too when those nasty rogues / warriors get in on me!