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Flying in old-world Azeroth {WoW}

May 10th 2009 3:33PM There has always been an easy fix for this.
You hit level 75, you then have access to the new technology the gnomes/goblins have been working on for 5 years. Teleportation. Set one up at each flight point, and this will solve multiple problems without spawning too many new ones.(Hopefully.)

Make an epic quest to learn how to teleport, a world event, or whatever, but this is something that needs to happen. I don't see why this would be any different than the summon mechanic from a design perspective, and it really opens up Blizz to do quests for higher level players in the old world setting. This in turn only helps lower level players,as having more ppl around would be a welcome sight for some of them I'm sure.

Low levels still have to endure the long flights, while
someone who has put the time in and most certainly, "seen" the old world content can visit the old world without setting aside an extra hour(or two). Without quests, experience, or loot as part of the older content the one major reason I avoid it is simply the time required to travel. I believe this would fix that problem.

Countdown to Wrath Giveaway: Day 7 - BlizzCon Polar Bear Mounts {WoW}

Nov 6th 2008 3:10PM Gotta admit, these things are pretty cool!

Hallow's End 2008 guide (updated) {WoW}

Oct 19th 2008 4:01AM A word of caution about the Headless Horseman quest. Do not be too quick to join a group at random. I would suggest doing the HH quest with friends/guild, do not give in to your excitement.
I did not take my own advice and jumped in the first group I saw. Hallow's Eve is the best event in WoW, in my opinion, and I was excited to get going. I summoned first and then two of our members suddenly informed us they "forgot" their summons.

They claimed that they thought dailys had rolled. It was 12:20 ST... (Members of [Free Radicals] on Draenor, you should be ashamed.)
The icing on the cake was these guys had formed the group. At least the two other guys left the group before they had their summons "used".
I ran into no issues at all with this during Brewfest, but certainly a reminder that one might want to scan the friends/guild list before running HH this year.

Many servers not yet up after all {WoW}

Oct 14th 2008 10:05PM If Blizzard does visit this website they need to glean one thing from all of the comments here.

"What we have here, is a failure to communicate."

It really is the one thing that is at the core of this negativity. They are most certainly working to fix this so we can all play. Blizzard, take 3 mins. and email someone at WoWinsider and/or a couple other sites.
*Use the community to talk too.. The community.