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Pulling aggro in PUGs: who's to blame {WoW}

Feb 26th 2010 10:35PM You're sterotyping tanks as being bad? please us tanks pretty much assume that all dps we are going to be grouped with in pugs are going to be incredibly stupid, not only that but it's pretty much assumed that if someone wants to tank for a raid they need to be among the smartest people in said raid. Us tanks have a simple completely fair rule that dpsers just can't seem to accept.

If the healer dies it's our fault
If the tank dies it's the healer's fault
If dps die it's their own damn fault

Do you not the balance in these 3 rules? No one person can be responsible for the death of more than one person in a typical 5 man. Now here is how you selfish dpsers are trying to make people beleive it is:

If the healer dies it's the tank's fault
If the tank dies it's probably his fault
If dps die it's the tank's fault(most of the time)

Stop insulting our intelligence and skill for your stupidity, aoe tanks don't even do big pulls anymore because they pretty much know the retarded mage is going to start with aoe when we so much as walk in the direction of the mob. I think dpsers are just mad because we choose to let them die when they do something stupid like this, also I think people like you who get bent out of shape just because you have to manage threat are part of the reason there is a tank shortage, I got so much verbal abuse when I was a new 80 tank because my gear limited my threat production, and I see so many other tanks going through the same thing it pisses me off, we're not your bloody babysitters, and we aren't handed purples when we hit 80. We already clean up for your mistakes on a regular basis we only ask that you stop bitching at us and everything will be fine.

In the end tanks are few and most of us are proud of our role, you dps on the other hand are dime a dozen uselesses. Don't tell us how to play our role. If you don't like the way we play then feel free to make a tank and set the pace yourself, you will soon see why warriors mark targets and get mad when someone uses aoe too early, why good paladins ask you to wait on them to finish rounding up multiple mobs before you do anything.

How the WoW community is about to push the self-destruct button {WoW}

Dec 17th 2009 1:01AM The only way the wow community is destroying itself is through the way they treat tanks, I have said for quite some time that tanking in wow is the most difficult job in the game, people demand obserd amounts of gear out of tanks for simple heroics, people blame tanks everytime they get themselves killed when in reality it's their own damn faults 99.9% of the time unless the healer is the one who died. This issue is finally coming out in the open thanks to cross realm pve, if you pug as a dps you wait a little while, if you pug as a healer you wait a bit less, but if you pug as a tank for any random heroic you will most likely have a group in less than 5 seconds. I have 2 80 tanks and I must say people need more realistic ideas of what stats tanks should have, most tanks don't even have 21khp when they hit 80 without a bit of expensive pre heroic gearing, and from what I hear and have experienced new to 80 in my holy off spec on my paladin, dps and healers don't even have to gear up because people don't even look at their stats. When I say most new 80 tanks dont even have 21k hp That's not counting squishy bear tanks and their fatty reserves of easily cut through and crittable hp, cheeky bastards, far too many idiot druids have started arguements with me because they think all tanks get bear hp.

Tips for raiding faster {WoW}

Sep 25th 2009 2:54AM It's scrubs like you that make tanking hell, take your god danged adhd pills and calm the heck down, sometimes tanks have to stop to scratch their nose too and we don't much like going out of our way to save the group because you're an impatient douche, after all when you pull as a dps you risk the group's survival, and if the group wipes reguardless of whether or not it is your fault, everyone in the back of their mind's thinks "Why didn't that tank save us?".

Maybe the tank is waiting on a cd, maybe the tank is trying to figure out how to pull a tricky wave without getting the whole room, reguardless of what the tank is doing you have no right to rush them just because of their choice of class/role. If you don't like it then put down your dps toons and stick with the tank, you can set the pace all you like then, but be warned, constant fast and clunky pulls will result in alot of wipes sooner or later, as for me, I warn people like you to shut up, if the first warning is ignored I boot, if someone like you decides to pull, or doesn't give me the required 5 seconds minimum with the mobs to establish threat then pulls, or attacks while I'm pulling, I let you keep the mob, I let you die, then I boot your sorry ass.

Much like the old saying "If you can't stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.", If you can't spare a few hours to do something as organized and complex as raiding, then you don't belong in the raiding enviroment because your schedule is obviously too far out of your control, notice I said words like organized, and complex, that means it takes time and carefull planning, not fast and clunky, I highly doubt you are an experienced tank or you would not be posting something like this.

Reguardless of what people say, dps is easy mode, it's like the competitive shooting of fish in a barrel; You're not constantly managing your mana and figuring out if healing that stupid dps who pulled will result in you getting threat, you're not fighting mobs, you're shooting helpless mobs that just sit there fighting with someone else known as the tank, shooting fish in barrel like I said, woot dpses, pew pew! I know your job is easy and can be painfully boring because it's so simple, but we're not risking the group because you have a problem with patience.

Yes I know I have alot to say about this topic, but it all came from bad players. Tanking is a stressfull job simply because you deal with players(mainly dpsers) that do not understand how to work with you on a regular basis.

Have a nice day =)