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New racial abilities for Wrath {WoW}

Oct 15th 2008 5:57AM Hmm. The percentage system works better to me than the diffuse resistances. But why only 1% on the Undead? I would like to see a 2'r there or maybe 3 (which though could be a trifle OP), well it doesn't do much but as formerly stated in this thread, the Undead are the pawns of 'The Dark Lady'. Purely cosmetic, but really something Blizzard should ponder on. The WotF change really isn't that all-encompassing since it currently is used to break fear effects, not grant a lasting immunity which already is too short to be applicable.

Trolls are good for something? Finally the weakest Horde race will have its use.

Another thing they should change is the Dwarven speciality from Maces to Axes. Since when are Dwarves known for their aptitude with Maces? Also purely cosmetic.

Night Elf Druids will hear the clamour now it seems with 3% physical dodge making the ever-fleeing even harder to nail down.

I'm not sure about the Blood Elf change (I play Undead) concerning Mana Tap + Arcane Torrent, but it sounds to me Blizzard wants to put emphasis in ease to use rather than following the Lore. The magic resistance maybe should be 1% but I can live with 2%.

Hallelujah perception, it was too OP in PvP (even though I'm quite biassed since I play Rogue) but now it'll be a fine change. Besides, Humans get quite a batch of racials now it seems.

I'm not even going to comment on 'The Fall of Humanity' other than agree with the rest of you. Is this the silliest since Murlocs or what?