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Oct 15th 2008 11:06PM oK just read through all these posts and i agree with some things and some i deffinetly disagree.

First off all: Pally's needed a boost since they sucked but as it is now pally = OP on every class simple as that, anybody who disagrees with this fact is either: a pally theirselves or plain blind when playing pvp :3.0.2. if you still not own playing pally you're just not a good pally or more straight to the point: you suck
Proofs: look at pally ratings before 3.02 after in bg
5 BG : more then 50% top 10 pally/ arena
I see pally's with gear they wouldn't even make 1800 rating with before patch beat players who had more then 2250 rting brutal gear. not ones not twice but time after time. Don't say the guy prolly was a pro and other sucks cause it is just not true.

II get a bid sick off pally's saying other classes whine to much. take the fact your OP and just being op ruins the balance.

Second: taking Pally's bubble away is not the answer. it's part of playing pally since the very start.
What is the answer: dunno don't care. get it fixed

What could have been done to prevent this: patch a week before wotlk instead of almost a month.. people could w8 out a week against uber pally for lk but more then 3 is just to much. enough for every decent pally to get brutal shoulders since rating isn't a prob any more.

so conclusion: pally's deserve (d) a boost hope they don't nerve them to much but as it is now this spoils play for everybody.