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BlizzCon 2009: Cataclysm race-class combo matrix online {WoW}

Aug 21st 2009 5:37PM I've leveled every class to 60+ using dualboxing and RAF. I'm interested in seeing New Azeroth through lowbie eyes, but I'd be rebuilding something I already have. Oh well.

The Daily Quest: Paladins, Rogues and Bank Alts, oh my! {WoW}

Apr 9th 2009 6:10PM If all you do is play WoW on your PC, you're fine. If you read WoW websites or play with addons, you've been exposed. I picked up a keylogger once because I hadn't fully patched Firefox. Since then, I swear by the authenticators. Blizzard should just throw them in the retail box with the next expansion.

Custom-made Troll Rogue action figure by Abotu {WoW}

Apr 7th 2009 11:46AM Nice work. It's a shame Blizzard's action figure line isn't more like this. Come to think of it, Blizzard is piss poor at marketing the WoW brand.

Breakfast Topic: Why reroll? {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2009 12:23PM My wife and I made taurens named Ganache and Hershee. I decided I didn't like the spelling of his name, so I rerolled him at level 22 and named him...Gunnash. It isn't hard to re-roll if you're under level 30. We deleted our characters later when we found out druid and shaman aren't good together. This is before paid name changes, of course.

I had a 70 mage I re-rolled since I wanted a male mage (this is before paid customization). I dualboxed and RAFd a male mage and a female priest instead. Since I wanted the original 70's name on the new priest, I had to rename the 70, wait three months, and then rename the new priest to the old name (Blizzard did a $$$lol at all the paid transactions). I now use the original 70 mage for tailor cooldowns, auctions, and bank space.

WoW, Casually: Tips for keeping your account safe {WoW}

Feb 5th 2009 5:49PM Blizzard bought the tokens from a company called Vasco. They bought so many that the unit price dropped to about $6-7.

I find it curious that I have stronger security now on my WoW accounts that my online bank account. When I mentioned that to Vasco, they said that people in the US generally don't want to be saddled with tokens, although they've made some inroads into the financial sector.

WoW, Casually: Tips for keeping your account safe {WoW}

Feb 5th 2009 5:42PM I ordered an authenticator on a lark, and my accounts were compromised two days later, about a week before the authenticator arrived. Talk about timing.

The thieves changed the passwords on my accounts and picked my toons clean. My main was on a joy ride when I regained control of the account and booted the farmer. At SusanExpress pricing of $20/1,000 gold, my toons were worth about $30. That's pretty good money for about 15 minutes of work.

Blizzard restored most of my missing items within two weeks. The point here is that an authenticator will be the best $6 you've ever spent.

Massively and GamerDNA chart the MMO market in 2008 {WoW}

Dec 30th 2008 2:45PM I disagree. I'll be more than happy to level to 90 when the next expansion pack comes out, as long as the content stays fresh and interesting. And by then, I'm sure there'll be more hero classes and more way to short-circuit Azeroth like RAF.

Happy Loot-idays from WoW Insider: Day one {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2008 4:15PM Loot4me.

Vehicle mounts to work more like mounts than vehicles {WoW}

Dec 18th 2008 12:11PM This change will allow my dual-boxed disc priest to follow my main while on her mag carpet.

Insider Trader: Highlights of Wrath crafting, Tailoring edition {WoW}

Dec 12th 2008 7:02PM I made a mag carpet today. I learned too late that it's a vehicle, so when mounted my dualbox healbot can't follow my main. That alone makes it useless for me. I also think the graphics and sounds for it are, well, plain, as if they are placeholders. And why does my priest "surf" on it, instead of sitting like a swami?