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Breakfast Topic: I don't have one of those {WoW}

Mar 17th 2010 8:27AM Warriors. I hated the rage mechanics enough when I was playing a bear occasionally as I leveled, or being an offtank for funtime achievement runs. The mechanics of a warrior, the flavor of a warrior, the abilities, none of it sounds fun. And since I've already had the "warrior lite" experience of playing a bear druid, I figure I'm not missing much.

Shifting Perspectives: Karapalooza 2010, part 2 {WoW}

Mar 16th 2010 7:52PM I'm pretty confident you don't need the quest. A group of me and a few guildies ran this several weeks ago, and the only problem we had was that the urn had bugged out and was nowhere to be seen. Soft resetting the instance fixed it, though, so, you know.

Arcane Brilliance: Why I hate DPS meters {WoW}

Jan 24th 2010 8:33PM If I recall, Recount actually has tabs to track things like rezzes, decurses, etc. But no one ever looks at them, because they're not the damage numbers.

It's a shame, too.

Arcane Brilliance: Why I hate DPS meters {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2010 9:14PM As a moonkin druid who regularly decurses, abolishes poison, and offheals when needed (I've popped a lot of Tranquility as a panic button lately) I have to agree: I hate DPS meters. My DPS is often not the top of the pack because as soon as someone gets a curse, I'm popping it off them, and if someone gets nasty poison and we don't have a healer that can fix that? I'm healing that, too. I've caught myself doing jobs for healers that are just too lazy to do them out of pure instinct (usually the poison).

So when people start getting on about DPS, it strikes me as ridiculous. Especially in heroics. I don't have enough time to get off my full rotation, you're right. And Moonkin depend so much on Eclipse as a DPS buff that, unsurprisingly, my DPS is lacking in pulls where the group is dead before my eclipse even procs.

I understand their viability as a raid tool, but even then, there's sometimes an air of snobbery to it. I've seen hunters proclaim that they're doing twice as much DPS as anyone else when they're refusing to down Snobolds on Gormok, or refusing to down the adds on Jaraxxus. Because heaven forbid they take half a second to switch targets. It'll reduce their precious DPS.

I also sympathize with that poor druid. Probably because I am also a druid and people have also gotten on my case for offhealing when it was needed. Hell, my DPS drops sometimes because I pop out to battle rez, and in some mindsets, the numbers are all that matter.

Phat Loot Phriday: Blade of Tarasque {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2009 11:57PM Bowser is based on an ox? I always thought he was based on a kappa.

Shifting Perspectives: The disappearance of the bear, part 3 {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2009 9:30PM I have to agree that getting back into tanking after leveling as DPS is really, really hard.

I feel like all of my knowledge has been yanked out from under my feet. I know what I'm looking for in Balance gear -- stay hit capped, look for spell power and crit, and the rest will come. Gear for spell power, enchant for spellpower and hit if it's needed.

Bear numbers are just harder to understand. I know I don't need defense, but looking around the internet has answered very little on "what should I look for?" besides "stamina and agility," which I already know. I don't know if hit or expertise are more important. I don't know how important crit is, or AP. So when a polearm or staff with armor pen and crit on it gets dropped in a heroic, I have no idea if it's what I should upgrade to or if it's more of a cat piece.

Bear tanking is also really hard to hold aggro on when everyone is AOE happy. Especially when you're still getting geared and the rest of the group is in t7/8, as I had happen before 3.2 hit. Nobody wants to wait for you to gain decent aggro. They immediately mash their hurricane/blizzard/cone of cold/etc. and then get mad at you when the mob runs at them. I got geared up with people I LIKE and they even got impatient about it.

And yeah, it is actually boring, when it's not confusing. Confusing: What do I pull with -- Faerie Fire or Feral Charge? Do I hit mangle straight off? Maul? Swipe? Do I REALLY need to tab around to make sure I get decent aggro on all of these guys? Do other tanks have to deal with this all the time? When that confusion wears off, it's swipe swipe swipe maul swipe swipe swipe maul and that IS boring. I haven't played another tank class, so I can't say whether they have the same issue, but half the time as a bear I feel like all I'm doing is mashing "5." I could put a dipping bird down and it would do my job as well.

The Queue: Naptime {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2009 8:55PM I'm really disappointed they're dumping daily heroic quests. It was a great way to spend a half hour/hour with friends just enjoying ourselves and getting some easy emblems. If they were ADDING the daily random LFG reward, it'd be one thing, but I don't enjoy pugging. I enjoy running groups with people I know and I kind of resent that Blizzard doesn't see it as rewarding or worthwhile compared to their random whatever.

I don't want to run with random people I'll never see again. I enjoy running with people I know, like, and know won't fuck up during a run or loot ninja. Why is this somehow less worthwhile than the random LFG?

Breakfast Topic: Back to where you once belonged {WoW}

Oct 14th 2009 9:14AM As a late-BC-baby, I leveled up planning to go feral tank. Got to 70 planning to be a feral tank, just a month or two before Wrath hit. I didn't get to run a lot then, because BC gearing was much more of a nightmare than Wrath gearing is now, and still spent most of my time as kitty DPS in bear gear, which was less than ideal, needless to say.

Once Wrath hit, I leveled feral until about level 75, when I got sick of all the ugly gear (seriously, feral leveling gear is among the worst out there, I sympathize with rogues since they are wearing the same things) and the monotony along with the fact that cat dps was frustrating, and since I had a friend who was leveling up a prot pally beside me, and another friend leveling a holy priest, I wasn't likely to tank instances anytime soon.

I paid the fee, specced balance, and now I love it. I consider it my main spec, I really do. But as I get into raids with my close circle of friends instead of pugs, it's becoming clear that we NEED an offtank -- the tank shortage now is no better than it was before death knights hit. The healer shortage is worse off, too, but one of the circle of friends is also a priest, so that's not an issue.

So it's with a mix of nostalgia and anxiety that I've bought a dual spec, put together a loose feral tanking set, slapped some blue-quality gems in the sockets, and checked my gear on imba so many times I could probably recite what it says in my sleep. I haven't been feral in a long time. My respec to balance was almost a year ago, and since most of my time before THAT was spent soloing as a cat, I'm not sure I remember how to tank. I haven't tanked for a real group since a Gnomer run back in the day. That's, what, 50 levels ago? It's halfway nice to be home again, and my memory of the stats I need is quickly returning, thankfully, but at the same time, beartanking is an entirely different world in the endgame than it is in leveling. Not to mention the changes that have been made in the various Wrath patches.

I guess to me it's closer to "you can't go home again," actually. Sure, I'm feral again. But feral is such a different spec now than it was when I was solo leveling that I'm not sure it was ever home at all.

Garrosh, a raid boss? {WoW}

Oct 9th 2009 8:44PM The funny thing is, to me, that on an alt I just did the questline in HFP where you discover the Mag'har. When you take news of them back to Thrall, he says something along the lines of, "If Hellscream is anything like his father, then making contact with him will bring about a new age for the Horde."

If only you knew what kind of age back then, Thrall. If only you knew.

Garrosh, a raid boss? {WoW}

Oct 9th 2009 8:26PM @Nawaf:

I'll admit the Horde made a mistake in Ashenvale once Alliance starts apologizing for invading Alterac Valley. Neither one is ever going to happen.