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Petopia updated for 3.0.2 {WoW}

Oct 17th 2008 10:54AM All i know is they lie about the Lurkin , If they say a lvl12 can be tamed and over in the noob training area , lvl 12 hunter should be able to get it .Simple as that , if it supossed to be for a higher up hunter they should make this lvl 12 untamable , and make a lvl apporiate in the out lands for them to tame it and make the Lurkin the lvl it is supossed to be , this is so much on a misinformation right here , i had made a new hunter to get The Lurkin when i got to lvl 13 in one day i went there trind to tame it and i could not grr , i even sprained a muscle in my left hand to get this lvl in one day ( now i must go to the Doctors )
Make the Lurkin for lvl 12 or put it some where else , and Petopia should make it untamalbe and make a lvl higher lvl one some where else and WOW should do the same . This is total BS right here