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Heroic speed runs {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2010 2:09PM Ah -- so YOU'RE the guy who screws up my spell reflects ^^

Heroic speed runs {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2010 11:13AM On Pit of Saron, you actually can skip three of the four pulls leading to the tunnel: The first two like you said, and the third just by hugging the wall to the left. It doesn't look like you can, but you can!

Arcane Brilliance: Macros for mages {WoW}

Mar 27th 2010 8:33PM I agree that Mr. Belt has given some bad advice with respect to attaching all cooldowns to the main nuke. It's more important to manage cooldown synergy than to maximize uptime. That includes synergy with the your group (like heroism) and with fight mechanics (i.e. don't pop cooldowns right before boss enters a phase change where he is invincible for a few seconds).

This requires a lot more control than macroing cds to main nuke and forgetting about them. You should have a separate nuke button and only use it at the right time.

Arcane Brilliance: Mage PvP post-patch 3.0.2 {WoW}

Oct 26th 2008 1:22AM Not convinced that Frost beats Arcane for PvP. We only get 1 ice block, but we also have insta-invis, which is as good or better (lets you leave combat, go behind a pillar and evocate with your fancy new 60% health buff from glyph.) Slow is indescribably fantastic especially now that 30% of dispel attempts on it fail! You can keep a druid who is attempting to kite right next to you with barrage, slow, spellsteal, fire blast rotated. You can easily kite anything except maybe a rogue, and you pwn casters with your high resist, blink, counterspell, and invis (use it like feign death to break an enemy cast!)

Arcane Brilliance: Post-patch madness {WoW}

Oct 19th 2008 1:00AM Er, I didn't mean to mischaracterize your position: You said Arcane Barrage / Arcane Missiles was the rotation and that is what I meant to type, sorry.

Arcane Brilliance: Post-patch madness {WoW}

Oct 19th 2008 12:58AM I gotta say you got it wrong about Arcane Blast's role in PvE. You say that the best rotation is Arcane Barrage / Arcane Blast, but that's simply not correct. You didn't take into account that Arcane Blast procs Missile Barrage, which makes it by far the best "filler." Missile Barrage procs give you the best DPS you can get, and you get twice as many of them using a filler that can also proc it.

In about an hour of testing against the new Target Dummies in IF, I can guarantee that the best PvE arcane rotation is to alternate Arcane Barrage, Arcane Blast, with Arcane Missiles replacing Arcane Blast every time Missile Barrage procs.