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Official forum changes, real life names to be displayed {WoW}

Jul 6th 2010 3:04PM Thank you. I work in education myself, and that is reason numero uno why I am completely unhappy about this incoming change. We can only hope the people dissatisfied with this (and how Blizzard will be treating our person information) that it will cause them to take a step back and reevaluate this decision.

Official forum changes, real life names to be displayed {WoW}

Jul 6th 2010 2:58PM @brendan.euclid: If you think that this is where the exploitation of RealID info will stop, you're sorely mistaken. If the customer base just rolls over and tells Blizzard this is fine, it's only a matter of time before the sharing of information tied to your ID goes further that you'd have expected, or anticipated. I'd bet money on it (and wouldn't be surprised if the Activision sector of the company was behind this moreso than the Blizzard part...).

Official forum changes, real life names to be displayed {WoW}

Jul 6th 2010 2:31PM So what happened to that whole RealID is for people you know outside of Warcraft and want to keep in touch with... if you don't want someone to know your RealID info don't give it to them thing? Guess that was just Blizzard blowing smoke up the collective arses of the player base to get them on board with this mess.

I smell an incoming train wreck.

Cataclysm Beta: Goblin /flirt and /silly sounds {WoW}

Jul 1st 2010 5:00PM Sorry, I live in Jersey, we don't all talk like the Sopranos/RHONJ. Ever watch The Jersey Shore? Those jerks are from New York. Definitely a NY accent.

Reader UI of the Week: Luis' UI {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2010 8:10PM I thought this was about the LUI suite for a second. I just started using it (after having a custom set-up for so long) and it is so simple and gorgeous I just can't recommend it enough!

For reference:

Scorchling not available in this year's Midsummer Fire Festival {WoW}

Jun 21st 2010 11:47AM I agree with you completely. Particularly since I would have had my 310 drake after Children's week... if it wasn't for the Sinister Squashling. Having to wait an entire year for one drop with a crappy rate to finish this thing makes me want to nerdrage so hard. ._.;

Purchasing the pets and things with holiday-themed currency seems like a much fairer way to handle holidays, but Blizzard seems to feel differently about it, I guess.

I'm a rabid pet collector as well ( ) and really disappointed with this now.

Scorchling not available in this year's Midsummer Fire Festival {WoW}

Jun 21st 2010 11:33AM For the first holiday on the "new" system, Blizz seems to be nosediving on this one. Inconsistencies on the loot tabel (Blues say no scorchling, but people are reporting getting it from the once a day loot bag. Which is it?), a failure to reset flames which makes it impossible to get the brazier if you honored everything last year, not to mention from what I've seen, the min level for Ahune is now 78, as opposed to 75 for Brewfest's also level 80 boss. Anything else they want to mess up on this one?

Breakfast Topic: What are your plans for the Fire Festival? {WoW}

Jun 21st 2010 8:30AM I want the scorchling pet crazy bad on my main, Binya (wouldn't mind the ice chip guy either). Other than that, on her I'd also like to buy the shoulders to round out my town gear, and snag the brazier for fun.

I am grinding my currently 73-and-25%-to-go-for-74 mage high enough to start doing Ahune for a shot at the scythe for her. Sadly, I haven't heard any confirmation on the minimum level to queue other than reading some people say they did him on their 78's. D: Hoping the min is 75 like it was with Brewfest, otherwise I will have a few sleepless nights this week getting her to 78. D:

The Queue: Portal 2 > WoW {WoW}

Jun 17th 2010 12:31PM When FFXIV comes out, I'm quitting WoW.

Just kidding. I don't have a good enough computer to run it apparently (or enough money to upgrade or buy a PS3 :( ).