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Breakfast Topic: The bandages {WoW}

Nov 3rd 2008 6:22AM My main is a druid, who was originally feral. At first, I thought bandages would be worth it, but even as I was leveling I found that since I didn't use my mana at all mid-fight, even staying over 90% at the start of every fight wouldn't drain my pool. I've since switched to balance, and I heal fine and instead of having both mana and drink spots, simply heal and drink (or drink and heal if necessary).

Even for times when I'm low, there are potions and Innervate, as well as plenty of ways in a soloing situation by which I can put some distance in and just wait five seconds for the mana to do what I want.

And in a raid in which you're taking damage, chances are bandaging would be interrupted anyway...

Officers' Quarters: Coup d'etat {WoW}

Oct 20th 2008 8:46AM I myself was in this sort of situation at one point. I and a pair of friends had joined a guild that was about to start on Curator after our old guild had booted one of us without consulting them. The guild went fine at first, and two of the three of us became class leaders as we downed Curator, Shade, Illhoof, and Chess.

However, we began to notice some problems. The Guild Leader insisted on his wife coming to every raid, even though she consistently was lowest on DPS (as in about half the Warrior tank). When we finally consulted him about it, he said she was usually cooking while the raid was going on. This of course brought up the question of why he would need her at a raid if she was putting herself on auto-follow every 5 minutes to cook him something. One of the three of us was also kept out of Kara runs even though she had geared herself up.

The GL's conclusion was that she still was not took the top healer threatening to /gquit for the GL to finally let her go, and she, on her first run in the guild, outhealed the GL who didn't think she was good enough. He continued to become more irate, yelling at guildies and, as we soon discovered, not only withholding all rights to what was in the guild bank, but using about 100g a week for himself without paying it back (guildies were donating this).

A number of members petitioned my friends and I to make our own guild, but we held off until a particularly angry outburst. We informed those online what we were doing and left, and in the end about 80% of the guild joined us (including the GL's brother-in-law and daughter). The change actually would have been much smoother than it was except one of our friends we made in the guild was hacked that very day and some gold farmers stole the bank's Void Crystals (he later got the gold farmers back by tracking his character to another server and stealing from the farmers' bank then giving it away to people on the server).

I served as the GL of the guild we made from there and, after a pair of mergers, am now a GL again of a Black Temple raiding guild with many members from that old guild (less than a year after this all started). Anyway, my point is sometimes you do have to do this kind of thing, and it can certainly turn out right. Just make sure you don't do things rashly and think out what you're doing. You can easily find yourself isolated and with a terrible repuation if you do things wrong.