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Spiritual Guidance: The Discipline raiding spec thoughts and review {WoW}

Oct 21st 2008 9:29AM I think that discipline will be great competition with other raid healing specs in wotlk at 80. As of right now discipline spec healing is gimped in terms of chutzpah (no empowered healing ftl) however what we lose in healing power we gain in mana efficiency ^.^. I found myself using my shadowfiend and asking for innervates less than my deep holy spec counterpart in raids. In BT i would be able to constantly spam flash heal without worries. My main rotation of spells would be shields, Penance and flash heals to top off. the way i spec'd i allowed myself to have a redcued cast greater heal for those just in case situations where flash heal isn't enough and penance is on cd, plus borrowed time allows for some amazing less than 2 sec greater heal cast times (if your geared for haste of course)
Gear wise, i feel discipline priests should be more +intel(or straight crit i.e. potent pyrestonw) and raw spellpower. i used to be 23/28/0 spec so all that spirit i stacked became useless XD i repalced them with gems with mp5 and spellpower like the royal shadowsong amethyst.
I am confused however with your choice not to take IDS o.O I had a shammy friend put down a flametongue totem and in fact did stack. i found myself really satisfied with this spec:

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