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The Queue: Late is better than never {WoW}

Dec 8th 2010 8:05PM Anyone care to place bets on whether Ghostcrawler is leaving Blizzard before the next expansion comes out?

I mean, a spirit beast named in his honour, a new zone to display his marine biology nerdiness... reeks of a farewell tribute.

WoW Insider's Cataclysm launch giveaway: Landros' Gift Box {WoW}

Dec 6th 2010 6:41PM A winner is you.

I mean me.

Scattered Shots: Leveling your hunter from 80 to 85 {WoW}

Nov 18th 2010 6:14PM I always thought that it was +10% to your BASE speed, not +10% of your current total speed?
I.e., with Pathfinding your 310% mouned speed becomes 320%.

Cataclysm Beta: Female worgen dance video {WoW}

Oct 27th 2010 8:28PM What about the dance moves from "Thriller"?

Come on guys. MJ starts off that music video as a WEREWOLF.

Warlocks find their pets renamed in patch 4.0.1 [Updated] {WoW}

Oct 13th 2010 11:50PM I actually want my felhunter's name changed.

It's "Sruutom" which constantly makes me think of "scrotum".

Scattered Shots: Camouflage {WoW}

Sep 6th 2010 8:42PM Decoy time!
If you call a different pet during camo, which makes your new pet visible, and tell him to "stay"... it might be a pretty cool trick for giving away a false position.

Scattered Shots: Cataclysm beta hunter info {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2010 3:19AM Just wanted to point out that the term for a group of rattlesnakes is a rhumba.

A rhumba of rattlesnakes.

Enter to win an Ethereal Soul-Trader {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2010 8:04PM Comment ahoy!

Maintenance day loot from {WoW}

May 19th 2010 8:20PM Comment ahoy!

What hunter pets would you like to see tamable? {WoW}

May 10th 2010 8:18PM How about Hunters gain the ability to tame any mob classified as a beast, and their different abilities come through customising their talent trees.

So yes, potentially every beast could have the same abilities as every other and the actual choice of pet would be cosmetic (which they are right now, really).