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The Queue: BlixCon 2011 {WoW}

Jul 1st 2011 3:25PM F@#% YOU HANZ BRIX.

::cue the I'm so ronery song::

The Queue: The weather outside {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2011 11:44AM Oh wow, much better. Thanks!

The Queue: The weather outside {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2011 11:31AM I've got a Q for the Q. Does WoW Insider have any plans on updating their search function? Whenever I try to search for a specific post, the results come back in all sorts of random orders. I was wondering if we could at least get returned results in chronological order.


P.S. - I would search for this question in case it was asked before, but I don't get any useful results :P

Breakfast Topic: Where do you get lost? {WoW}

Jun 8th 2011 10:35AM Amen, Matt!

WoW Insider's Weekly Webcomic: Safe Passage {WoW}

Feb 3rd 2011 4:00PM I agree halo. This page is the first page of the comic that I've been disappointed with. I feel that, although from a horde point of view, the night elf's reaction was over-the-top sentimental and would not represent an alliance perspective. I understand the tauren's reactions and the other horde, but come on now, the horde are out to get us as much as we are. Besides, we needed to open a supply route to an alliance base that was being ravaged by horde. I think it's fair.

The Queue: Old Gods? In my dig site? {WoW}

Jan 31st 2011 1:21PM Hey, I just finished doing redridge mountains on my new toon and the quests there were awesome. I am now on darkshire and getting ready to do quests there, but I'm high enough to start northern stranglethorn. I was wondering if either one was better than the other as far as quests were concerned. Is there a place for me to find that information out!

Patch 4.0.6 PTR patch notes updates for Jan. 28 {WoW}

Jan 29th 2011 12:21PM @Mr. Tastix

Blizzard has stated that they wanted tol barad to be harder for the attacking team. The reason for the hotfox was they felt that it was a little too hard at the moment. There is no crutch to be leaning on, they simply want to do it that way - attacking and getting the quests and BH should be earned and not handed back and forth.

WoW Moviewatch: Ulduar {WoW}

Jan 25th 2011 12:28PM Agreed. I understand that people really like these and other music videos, but I love the comedic, non-singing ones the best.

The Queue: Those were $500 sunglasses {WoW}

Jan 9th 2011 3:18PM If this movie actually gets made, IT would be the BEST mortal combat movie ever.

WoW Moviewatch: Cataclysm Heroics Are Hard {WoW}

Jan 3rd 2011 12:52PM Hahaha, awesome! Although I agree mostly with Wowcrendor, I do think saying that heroics involve basic skills and simple tasks a bit unfair. There are a lot of casuals willing to learn the more complicated aspects of heroic dungeons but aren't given much of a chance. It's very easy to make mistakes, but any single mistake is immediately looked down upon as a huge failure. Regardless, anyone who believes they deserve easy gear without the challenge should stop wasting their time and mine.