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The Light and How to Swing It: Something's gone terribly wrong {WoW}

Oct 27th 2008 6:23AM Paladins needed a buff. The one they got was a little too much. It's not the fact that we can walk up and crit you for 10K. If I crit in my melee hit, and my proc goes off (seal of command) I get about 5K. Druids can crit me, from a distance, with Starfire for 4K, and nobody complains about this?

Our damage comes from the fact that a lot of our talents give +crit damage bonus. Our regular, non-crit hits are still pathetic. If we didn't crit, we'd still suck as bad as we did. But, from a 700 normal hit, I can get almost a 2600 crit, and I have almost a 28% crit chance.

Some talents needed to be toned a bit, not our Judgements of the Wise. Every other melee DPS class can keep going forever. Rogues regen 20 Energy every 2 seconds, same with cat form druids. Warriors get rage when they hit, and when they get hit. Pallies get a mana bar to work with, which means we need to find "arms spec" gear with int on it.

If we go back to the way that we used to be, I'm rolling a Shaman or something. Paladins are finally useful, and hunters are pissed that they can't kite kill us as easily.

Look at the in-game numbers, not just the hearsay on the boards. There's no way that a ret pally in quest greens/blues is going to crit for anywhere near 10K. A T6 ret pally couldn't crit for that.

All the exaggeration is rediculous.