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Gold Capped: A tailoring leveling guide {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2011 8:05PM Seriously, a tailoring levelling guide? Well at least there aren't a dozen other levelling guides available (o wait! there are!).

I used to really love this thread and now it is so lightweight.

What next in Gold Capped...5 Greatest Tips for making Gold:
1) Don't vendor sell sought after crafted items!
2) Use the Auction House - other players will often buy stuff!
3) Level your professions - you can make stuff to sell
4) Jewelcrafters - did you know you can train to cut gems!
5) Loot stuff you kill - sometimes they drop stuff you can sell!

Ready Check: How to deal with multiple wipes {WoW}

Jun 10th 2011 5:07PM It's so heartening to see so many constructive comments about dealing with wiping. I actually don't mind them at all when a group or a few in a group are learning a fight - one of the things that makes wow fun is that it is not just "turn up, be bad, get loot, finished content, wait for next expac", I want to have to improve and work hard.

However, I have to say my experience in cata has been that good guild environments for raiding are hard to find. I'm sure if you are in one - then this seems difficult to believe. On several realms I have geared up toons to raid readiness and then gone searching for a guild to raid with - mostly my experience is of a highly abusive raiding environment. For some strange reason, many RLs seem to think that they are behaving like saints when they deliver withering and deeply insulting criticism in calm voices over vent (actually I think that just makes them sound like psychopaths). I'm thinking in particular about one guild leader on Saurfang in particular who at complained to me that their previous holy pally had left after the first raid. After enduring endless asinine comments about "heals just having to do their job and stop thinking they can be carried" (all the while failing to do anything about people standing in blue/red/green death puddles/flames) I too (on my holy pally) left after the first raid.

I applaud those wonderful raid leaders who engender an environment where acceptance of wiping is part of the progression learning - I've only experienced one such raid leader (respectful salute to Maximusevil - always calm, constructive and funny) and he got amazing performance and loyalty out of our guild's no2 10 man team - getting us to 11/12 ICC while our main team was stuck 7/12.

To those of you like Maximusevil - please go forth and multiply, there are never enough of you. To the others - please just remember that there are people at the other end of that toon you are flaming, they don't come to raids to be 'bads' or 'fails', they aren't solely in it for the loot - they come for fun, companionship and many other emotional goodies that don't involve being insulted.

Patch 4.2 Preview: Regrowth and Molten Front quest hubs {WoW}

Apr 29th 2011 7:58AM How poor has WoW Insider got? This site has steadily got worse and worse since you moved to Joystiq. This site used to be the first place I'd go to for news about WOW - but now it seems the only thing that all your writers can blab on about is the next patch. I mean, it's less than a week since 4.1 dropped and woo hoo! you are writing about 4.2. For goodness sake, 'world server' messages for hours on the three servers I play on and nothing on WOWInsider - at least be honest now and change your name to WOWNEXTPATCHNEWS to reflect the paucity of real-time and useful content. Still this good - the worse this site gets, the closer we are to getting another, more relevant WOW insider type site for wow fans. BTW great last post Basil - buy cheap and sell for more! That really cracked it for all those people who had been buying expensive and giving stuff away wondering how they weren't making gold. (Looking forward to the "Don't run with scissors" and "Always look both ways when crossing the road" upcoming posts from you man.

Patch 4.1: Blizzard unveils dungeon finder Call to Arms {WoW}

Apr 7th 2011 6:44AM Look it is a nice idea. But I suspect this is a Rift effect... DPS have a 40min wait for dungeons.... they go play Rift, Blizz see rapid drop-off in numbers logging on (soon to be followed by rapid drop-off in subscriptions) and they go for a knee-jerk reaction like Call to Arms. It is going to help a bit - but the key issue is people being nasty in PUGS. If they can find some way of rewarding folks being decent to each other, then dungeon queue times will drop.

Naive - absolutely, but one can dream eh?

Officers' Quarters: 5 tips for guild recruiting in a post-Cataclysm world {WoW}

Mar 29th 2011 5:12AM How about the most important thing - be the sort of guild people would want to join. I was looking for a raiding gig for my holy pally on Saurfang and joined a NZ guild that aligned with my availability (I filled in lengthy application and checked out their website and liked the civility and behavioural rules listed there). I couldn't believe it when I got into the first raid and they were having problems in BOT and the raid leader in an annoyingly patronising calm voice proceeded to be incredibly insulting about the wipes, particularly the healing team - because everyone's health was low through the fights (there were quite a few newish raiders and they were of course standing in bad stuff for ages). At the end of the raid he gave us an inspiring little talk about "how he just didn't know how we could all be so bad and we all had to take a long hard look at ourselves and work out what we were doing wrong because he couldn't believe we were all so bad". Not surprisingly, as an adult I'm not used to being talked to in such a patronising way and said "Sayonara" and /gquit. Not surprisingly, two and a half weeks later this guild is still advertising in Trade for a holy pally. Amazingly, the guild leader had told me that they'd had two other holy pallys join and leave after the first raid..... I wonder why?

Shifting Perspectives: Gearing a bear druid at 85 {WoW}

Feb 10th 2011 5:04AM Nice guide - however you missed one vital bit of equipment for a Bear.... a brain in the person playing the toon.

I've just bailed from my 6th heroic in a row (3 of which had bear tanks - none of which would contemplate using any form of CC and just charged in (usually when I was LOS drinking because of OOMing on last fight). Insider has done a great job of trying to educate the community about how unpleasant it is for healers in heroics if groups just try to roflstomp dungeons like in WOTLK - I just think it would be great if the word was spread regularly in the tank specific pieces like this.

Now my pally is going to log off and won't be healing again until there is some sign that IQs are going to raise to at least 85 in the PUG tanking community.

Thanks for Insider though - can't do without my daily fix of it!

Raid Rx: 7 pet peeves of healers {WoW}

Jan 21st 2011 12:36PM For the first time I can remember, on my realm there is a continuous stream of /2 messages saying "XYZ guild is recruiting healers for raid teams" and these messages go on for days. There has never been such a large drop-out of healers.

I have played mainly healers since BC through all sorts and I now loathe playing my healers - it is just not fun. A combination of other player attitudes, lack of situational awareness and "CC is fur NoObz" mentality just makes it tiresome. I just don't want to go through the pita to get raid ready.

There is a critical healer shortage for raiding, Blizz have provided all the hex, sheep, sap, root, banish, hibernate, silence, kick, spell reflection, repentence, arcane torrent, nature's grasp, bandages, mage tables/food, soul harvest, ability to move needed to make it more appealing to get a healer raid-ready. The question is ... why are so many of these fun spells sacrificed on the altar of Recount>

Breakfast Topic: What roles do you play? {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2010 2:43PM My dual specs allow me to have heals, tanks and dps. I play heals when I want to sleepwalk through dungeons, dps when I want to be focussed on one thing (DPSing) and I tank when I get fed up of long wait times. But you are right playing all three is a real boon to understanding what annoys other roles. It doesn't mean you are bad if your dps is lower cos you throttled back when you get the Omen aggro warning - similarly the tank isn't bad if you are AOE dpsing before the tank pulls or trying to work out why the tank keeps on putting a skull on the target you are hitting last. I have to say tanking is tiresome - every one behind you knows how stupid you are and knows soooo much more about your class than you do.

Last night I had a fool telling me how stupid I was for not rolling on +def gear on my bear and why again how stupid I was getting stuff with stam and agil on it. He left by telling me I needed to get tank gear so healers wouldn't have the same trouble he did (he never had to stop for mana the whole fight, we didn't wipe, my bear never even got close to dying).
Sigh! why oh why do people think its so hard to find tanks through the dungeon finder (I wait 10secs max on a tank, 20 mins on dps, 1 min on heals - c'mon dpsers - take your turn at the plate please - you'll be a better player and you won't say such monumentally stupid things after you've developed as a player a bit).

Zombie invasion phase 5.5 - quests to the faction leaders and Shattrath [Updated x4] {WoW}

Oct 28th 2008 8:30AM Worst event ever? I have to agree for the single reason that it has brought out the worst in some fellow gamers. I notice that the anti-zombie faction complain about how they're not enjoying being griefed. The pro-zombie faction insult fellow gamers.

The strength of WoW is the diversity of playing experiences it offers to subscribers. This event imposes one style of interaction (PvP in a RP context). And it appears that those natural bullies really like this (hence comments about QQing, log off, gtfo my server - quite abusive behaviour from abusive people).

If the griefer faction really had a point they would surely discuss and try to persuade the anti-zombie faction of the merits - but no - like all bullies they resort to abuse.

And I think under all the comments about cancelling subscriptions and withdrawing until the event is over - the realisation that the WoW community has an ugly core of bigots, shouting down folk that don't agree with them must be an underpinning concern to some gamers (small wonder some of them prefer PvE rather than having to interact with these sorts of gamers).

I agree, all credit to Blizz for a bold and innovative idea - the poor execution and the unforeseen opportunity for these bigots to impose their will and actively try to ruin the game experience of others means that what was good in theory has turned out to be 'not so good' in practice.

If you are pro-zombie and on a PvP server - fair enough you gank away. Same thing on an RP server - immerse yourself. If you are on a PvE server - is it really cool to force your views on other players? Back off on the griefing and try to use rational discussion and persuasion rather than cussing and insulting people for not agreeing with you.