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The Light and How to Swing It: Something's gone terribly wrong {WoW}

Oct 28th 2008 10:25AM This is my thing... I have had a ret pally as my main since I started I'm not active at all in forums because I'm not a bitch...
but I have been ridiculed in pve for not doing enough damage couldn't do raid instances for over a year because of the weakness of what is supposed to be our main Characteristic. I have seen the power come and go. I think that alot of the hype and trying to mello us out is because of the way people play... This is what I have noticed:
hunter lays trap then spams shooting his wep from distance.
basically the same with mages and warlocks...
Very easy in PVE...
If you have grown acustom to this play and blizz changes the format and you don't want to change the way you play, people complain its seems... they say they could keep distance and kill a pally all the time. Didn't matter what gear some one had. with my pally I would get 600 to 700 dps in an instance, with the new set of talents I get 1k to 1.2 k dps. basically double damage. Ok I have been nerf over the two years of playing and somewhat of a solo artist because of the hate towards me for selecting a bad class so I am told... these upgrade do make me feel better about my class but there are ret pallies on both sides of the playing field in pvp. I think it should come down to a pally for the win or not with the group buffs and a pally present should be a factor in the out come... I have been in a 1 vs 2 where it was me a pally and rogue against a healing frenzy shaman... we chased him around for 30 minutes couldn't catch him ever and gave up on the match... If that isn't some bull then this shouldn't be either. I have learned to live with it... I felt that this would be the due justice that we have deserved since I became lvl 70 but its soo crazy... I learned to become a utility guy: get in where I fit in. In a high lvl instance... I off tank off heal and protect healer run down mobs and spam turn undead if needed to keep mobs dancing for a minute until boss control is under raps then after the match there is no indication that I did shit... 3rd or 4th on the damage meter but Im out breath physically and arm pits sweating uncontrollably without the happy ending... I don't know what I'm suppose to do now if some shitty player complains enough because some one got theirs handed to them... People have gotten used to being able to squash a pally and it has changed so people have to learn a new way to do it... everyone has gotten basically reclassed I know Rets have and you have to relearn to play your toon. lets give it time before we make a change because I don't think there has been enough time to make a good judgement. I think that restriction should be put on beta testing to the point that all are of playing age and have had some experience in the game before they get to give an opinion. I could go on and on about experience not numbers... I don't think it has changed that much and nerfing wouldn't be a good idea at this point. get a good average of numbers from real play and beta testing. because a lot of people sand bag. I hate healing and I refuse to do so... All pallies hate healing... WE LIKE DISTRUCTION IN THE NAME OF GOD!!! gehad!! LOL Tanking is better than healing anyday...