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WoW Patch 3.1 PTR Death Knight changes {WoW}

Feb 24th 2009 7:06AM Blood Aura: Replaced with Improved Blood Presence. This allows the Death Knight to keep the healing from damage done bonus of Blood Presence in any presence, and increases healing received while in Blood Presence.

Keeping the healing from damage bonus in other presences looks like a tanking buff - tanking in Frost presence and keeping the trickle heal will help even out spike damage.

Spiritual Guidance: The Discipline raiding spec thoughts and review {WoW}

Oct 28th 2008 10:24AM Just to throw my thoughts in:

I've been raiding deep disc since the patch, and I like it more than I ever did Holy. Seeing the shiny new bubbles pop up all over the place from a bouncing ProM or PoH or even Holy Nova is fun. I've seen a couple of concerns about rage/threat starvation and the like in the other comments, and what I've noticed is this:

Paladins hate you. You shield all the time both with PW:S and crits so they run OOM very quickly. Warriors and Druids love you, and will ask for you over and above a holy Paladin in boss fights. The shields do not cause rage-starvation, and they also mitigate some spike damage - with a GHeal crit, and PW:S up, the tank has ~6k of shield that has to be eaten through, hell with ProM active, and PW:S up they can have up to 7k of buffer (ProM crit for 4k, 1.3k of Divine Aegis, and a 2.5k PW:S) from my gear.

Spec and gear-wise, There's 5% free crit at the bottom of the Holy tree that just begs to be taken - any crit makes that heal effectively 30% bigger (in my eyes anyway), and I go for the decreased GHeal talents as well. Also, taking some gear with crit on it makes a big difference. Crits mean bubbles. Coming as a respecced shadow priest, I've got the dps versions of some of the tier gear, especially the parts with crit, and this means raid-buffed I can pack anything up to 30% crit chance. Yes, I don't have as much spirit, but due to Rapture and cheap instants from Mental Agility, that's less of an issue.

Either way, remember Shield first, GHeal second - with Borrowed Time, the talents, and if I'm lucky a proc from the Scarab (and that's often since I chuck renew on everyone to make it proc more), my GHeal goes off in 1.4-1.8 seconds.

Just don't get put on raid-healing. It's painful and you're OOM very quickly.