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Breakfast Topic: Loremaster for a day {WoW}

Mar 7th 2010 8:28AM I would like to see Lor'themar killed and Sylvanas replace him as Regent Lady, unless of course Kael could have been saved instead of killed. And maybe have Tyrande do something...anything!!!

Arcane Brilliance: An argument for raiding as a frost mage {WoW}

Mar 6th 2010 2:29PM sometimes though why should you expect someone to respec from something they love into something they don't like at all or as much? I do agree that dps is always important but I also think if bob pays his subscription fee every month and plays wow for the escapism from his real life issues etc, then let him be in what he likes, let him maximise his dps as much as he can, let everyone else do that and occasionally remember that raiding is still part of the overall experience...a game. I hate arcane, it is so dull to play as and not fun at all. I play in fire and will never respec for anyone as I do my job and I do it as well as I can. Spec how you want, do as much dps as you can and be a responsible raider and everything is fine ;)

Blood Sport: Horde racials {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2010 2:58AM Although anaughtybear, if the blood elves left the horde or never joined then the horde would never have been allowed a place in Dalaran, nor would they have had any ties to Shatt. So many people hate on the belfs because they look a certain way and it doesn't fit with the generally outcast theme of the horde, look a little deeper and they have an interesting story and have played a very important part of the horde for quite a while now and seriously, who the hell would rather have a dilapidated troll female who runs like she had an accident in her pants and has a dead face over a blood elf mage? having said that tho my chars are either belf or forsaken, gotta love those dead gals :)

Around Azeroth: In the service of the queen {WoW}

Feb 1st 2010 3:34AM As a man I have to say I wouldn't mind being nibbled by Keleseth! I never want to kill him, he is too hot! same with Kael'Thas. My belf male mage was uber crushing on him and did a sad /mourn when we took him down. It was a setback alright. I spent hours killing gnomes to cheer my ass up.

Blizzard says no to skipping to the last boss {WoW}

Jan 25th 2010 5:30AM And for some people they are important! You can't complain about undergeared tanks/healers/whatever and then deny them the emblems they need to improve and tbh if your gonna steamroll over them with 3 guildies why not run with just ur guild instead of bullying others into submission??

Breakfast Topic: Caught between a rock {WoW}

Jan 21st 2010 3:49AM No-one will. No-one cares. Hurry up or you'll miss the bus to 'Anothertrollbitesthedustville'

Dungeon Finder bingo {WoW}

Dec 29th 2009 8:36AM if someone is doing their max dps then they aren't half arsing it. Don't be that guy everyone knows has a small peen irl....

A lack of Alliance pride {WoW}

Dec 10th 2009 8:07AM Your entire comment amazes me with its sheer one sidedness but I think the true cherry on the cupcake is suggesting that Telldrassil is in harmony with nature. Why is it rotting then? erm maybe cos it was built against the dragoins wishes and is somewhat of an insult to nature and 'peaceful' nightelves? dude they started it all. Factor in that the Drenai are not liked by the humans (hence why the shaman trainer is sitting outside Stormwind) and are basically religious extremists who also judged the few belfs who attacked them and assumed the entire race was evil (ironic when you think of the eredar) the gnomes are irrisponsible and reckless, the humans are just as bloodthirsty as the orcs and the dwarves are the taurens of the alliance, slightly our of place. every coin has a flip side dude, every positive a negative. without the blood elves and before them the high elves humans wpould not know magic, without the night elves archimonde would have succeded, without orcs the fight against Arthas would be a lot harder. I'm a hordie but playing the point the negative racial points is an easy game, in Wow there is no black and white just shades of grey.

Blizzard and how they deal with ninjas {WoW}

Dec 9th 2009 4:33AM I am so sick of seeing people resoning that if someone disagrees with them and can vocalise it in a more mature manner then they must be older than them. Like being older and in possession of a clue is a crime. I actually agree that the game is fine as it is. I have a couple of level 80's none of whom are ready for raiding but I do hcs regularily. I even popped into a raid with a local PUG and didn't do badly at all in blues and crafted purples. I think if you desire the endgame to be hardcore then it can be but if you do not want it so difficult then you can be casual and still enjoy it! The ten and twentyfive man raids are there to inspire us to move to greater things. If everything was a five man would we still want to reach upwards? would it not be too easy then? I think the thing to accept is that Blizzard try to balance everything, to please you me and every other customer. If a player is elitist then that is theyre problem, ignore them and move on! me, my boyfriend and my rl friends and guildmates play for the experience, not the loot, but there isn't anything wrong with playing for the loot either! Different strokes for different folks. Thats the real beauty of WOW surely? the massive world we can be anything in?

Drama Mamas: When a partner wanders astray {WoW}

Nov 30th 2009 3:46AM I agree, he didn't seem to sorry and to be honest I am amazed you stayed relatively calm! I would have kicked his ass then gone to her and kicked her ass to! I can't stand bull like that at all. Her acting mopey ingame? She should have moved realms for gods sake nevermind staying in the same guild! The bitch should have to play Hello Kitty Adventure Island for three years before she can come back to wow! In short, I think that wanting to work on your rekationship is admirable but she is the cancer and needs to be cut out. You need to find the reasons why he would have cheated on you, otherwise its doomed to happen again.